Egmond Plaza

Egmond Plaza

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Weather Egmond aan Zee

Because the North Sea, especially at the beginning of the summer, is much colder, it is often in Egmond 1 of 2 degrees colder when the wind blows from the North Sea. However, in the summer months, the North Sea just ensures that the nights stay warmer.

Shipping off the coast

Live shipping traffic map. The sea is bordered on three sides by land and opens funnel-shaped to the North East Atlantic. Within a radius of 150 kilometers of coasts life 80 million people.

Volunteers Buurtbus Bergen

Volunteers Buurtbus Mountains offers this mode of transport in and between towns Camperduin, Greeting, Schoorl, Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef, Egmond-Inside and Egmond aan Zee.

Beach rules in Egmond aan Zee

In the municipality of Bergen, you can borrow a special beach wheelchair: of Jutter. The beachcomber is a great chair for the beach, for elderly or disabled. The special tires to propel the Jutter light on difficult terrain, such as sand, so you can easily make a beach walk.

The lifeboat “Adriaan Hendrik”

"The boat goes out". This is a winged expression in the Zeedorp. Whether it is a real action (rocket seen!) or to an exercise: a lifeboat that goes out through the surf and sail, is an experience. From March / October, the crew practices every Monday night 19.00 hour.

Hotel De Dennen Egmond

Hotel De Dennen is located in a green area, on 100 meters from the center and 500 meters from the beach. There is free Wi-Fi and a pretty garden, where you can maximize your rest stapled

Naturally apartments

Naturally apartments offers spacious accommodation with cooking facilities and a balcony, right next to the dunes and only 2 minute walk from the beach of Egmond aan Zee.

Stayokay Egmond

Stayokay Egmond is an environmentally friendly hostel located in the dunes of Egmond, near the beach. The hostel is surrounded by the local bulb fields. Is ice free WiFi. Most rooms at Stayokay Egmond look out at the dunes

Webcam Egmond West

The webcam is placed on beach pavilion Bad Egmond which is open all year, So even in the winter months you can linger here good. The cameras have night vision and really live.

Webcam Alkmaardermeer

This webcam gives a nice view over the Tourist Alkmaardermeer in Akersloot, Summers sees you much pleasure boats pass.