Come have a unique experience of a horse beach ride through the Egmond dunes and over the beach at Egmond-Binnen

At Manege de Hoef, outdoor rides are a great way to explore nature. Our location is just a 10-minute walk away from the beautiful Kennemer Dunes with its horses. Moreover, the beach is only a half-hour drive away, where the horses have a wonderful outlet opportunity.

Only experienced riders are allowed to go along to the beach, as the horses there have the freedom to let loose. Almost every weekend we organize dune rides and even if you are not yet a customer with us, you can always make an appointment for an adventurous outdoor ride.

Beach rides on weekends

At Manege de Hoef in Egmond aan Zee, you can have the unique experience of a beach ride through the Egmond dunes. This is a great opportunity to get some fresh air on the beach and participate in an activity that every rider should experience once. We regularly organize beach rides on weekends, always early in the morning so we have the quiet beach to ourselves. Our rides continue even in bad weather, so bring your raincoat!

Only the larger ponies and horses participate in this ride, for the smaller ponies it is too heavy and the group goes too fast. Therefore, beach rides are not suitable for young children. Young riders should seek advice from their instructor, who will be able to advise whether they are ready.

Full throttle down the beach

Depart from the equestrian center with an experienced instructor who knows the surrounding dunes like the back of his hand. We drive through the dunes over the famous hills to the beach and once there, we go full throttle over the beach. However, it is important to have sufficient riding experience, as our horses like to stretch their legs and can be busy at times. If you are unsure if you are experienced enough for this ride, please contact us. Sometimes it makes more sense to do a dune ride first.

We do organize dune rides for young children, so please inquire about our children’s rides.

In short, a beach ride at Manege de Hoef is a must for any rider visiting the coastal region of North Holland! This tough adventure should not be missing from your bucket list during your stay in Egmond aan Zee.

Video report of a dune and beach ride with our horses

Dune rides with our horses and you as a rider

Manege de Hoef is located on the Kennemer Dunes. This is a diverse nature reserve that extends north to the Hondsbosschezeewering near Hargen aan zee and south to the North Sea Canal near Wijk aan Zee. To the west, the dunes turn into the beach and sea, and to the east, between the dunes and the inhabited world are the bulb fields, for which the Netherlands is famous. There are special bridle paths and you can enjoy horseback riding. It is quite possible that during your ride you will encounter birds of prey, pheasants, rabbits, hares, squirrels or perhaps a wild horse or dune grazer.

Manege de Hoef organizes many dune rides on horseback on weekends and vacations.

The dune rides on horseback are always accompanied by one of our experienced staff members who know the dune area very well. Participation is for experienced riders only. For a safe and enjoyable ride, it is important that participants master horseback riding at trot and canter.

There are several types of dune rides on horseback. Most common are horse-dune rides are of two or three hours. In addition, longer horseback rides are organized with breaks in between so that the horses and riders have the opportunity to have something to eat and drink. The group can be small or large. This depends on the number of registrations. It is also possible to take a dune ride with a private group. You can then decide who goes with you. The group must then consist of at least six people who are all sufficiently experienced

For an outdoor ride with our horses, you must register in advance to be guaranteed a spot. Call during our business hours for more information on departure dates or to make an appointment at: 072-506 5840


Children’s ride
Special children’s rides are also regularly on the calendar. Children must also ride a certain level before they are allowed on a dune ride, this is for safety reasons. Step, trot and canter are also covered during children’s rides, only the pace is a little slower because there are mostly ponies along (and quiet horses).

Private ride
Prefer to take an outdoor ride in a private group? This is also among the possibilities. You will always have an experienced facilitator with you. Inquire about costs and options.

Additional information
We do not ride outdoor rides with inexperienced riders, this includes private and children’s rides. When in doubt, you can always contact us. Our maximum weight limit for riders is 100 kg with normal stature. This is because of the welfare of our horses.

Manege de Hoef

Manege de Hoef has more than 50 years of experience in equestrian sports and everything that comes with it. At the equestrian center there are about 70-80 horses. In particular, our equestrian center horses and ponies. These have been selected with great care especially for the equestrian center.

The riding school is located on the Herenweg in Egmond aan den Hoef, close to several riding outs.

Contact details:

Manege de Hoef
Herenweg 130
Egmond aan den Hoef

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 072 506 5840
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Cancellation Deadline:
Lessons: 4 hours
Dune rides: 24 hours
Competitions and activities: 7 days
Beach ride: 7 days (Cancel only by phone)

NOTE: We do not have pin capabilities at the equestrian center!