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Egmond-Binnen is a beautiful village in a vast landscape once shaped by monks. It has a lively village street with stores and there are some catering establishments, but it is not touristy.

The beautiful dune area with biking, hiking and horse trails is nearby, and behind it is a wide and quiet beach. In spring, the colorful bulb fields are photogenic. The special atmosphere surrounding the Benedictine monastery – as in days gone by – attracts people from far and wide. The Egmond Abbey visitor center is therefore highly recommended. Parking is always free in Egmond-Binnen.


Rinnegom used to be called Rinighem, possibly meaning a place on the Rhine. It is a hamlet between Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef and used to belong to the abbey. The servants who lived there were not free to go wherever they wanted. Where there is now a youth hostel, until 1967 was the Rinnegommer church, which was then meant for all Egmond people who went there on foot. The R.C. cemetery is still there and so is the café (now a restaurant) that was crowded after church hours in earlier days.

History: it began on a beach ridge

Far before our era, farmers and fishermen lived here on a beach ridge under difficult conditions. Traces of these have been erased by the sea or buried under many meters of drifting sand. In the 7th century, the sea level dropped and a settlement arose on the site where the Adelbertus Field is today. This is the oldest Egmond, also called Eckmunde, Hecmunde or Egmunde in ancient writings.

Saint Adelbert: the first tourist

According to tradition, around the year 690, a group of monks landed on the coast from a monastery in Ireland. Among them was Adelbert, a companion of Willibrord. The story is that Adelbert did his good works in the area and then came to Egmond to rest. You could call him the very first tourist. Saint Adelbert is regularly in the newspaper in bold letters because that is the name of the local soccer club. The patron saint of Egmond-Binnen also gave his name to the abbey, the R.C. church, a (defunct) school and a street. Egmond aan Zee also used to have a Sint Aalbrecht street, but it disappeared into the sea.

The Adelbertus field and the well

The Adelbertusakker is located near the dunes on Oude Schulpweg near number 18. It is a mystical place where pilgrims have been coming for 13 centuries. The pastor of Egmond-Binnen says it so beautifully, “There is strength in the ground here.” The monk Adelbert was much beloved and was buried on the Acre in 740. Feel free to taste the water from the well and you may experience the healing effects. According to tradition, this source originated when the mortal remains of Adelbert were transferred two centuries after his death to the monastery founded in the neighboring Hallem now called Egmond-Binnen. Marble blocks mark the outline of a small church that once stood here.


Egmond abbey

In the tenth century, Count Dirk II of Holland founded a monastery that grew into a powerful medieval abbey: a great center of prayer, art and culture. Monks wrote books here. In 1573, the abbey was destroyed by Sonoy’s Beggars to prevent the Spanish enemy from settling in the abbey.

Similarly, the Slot op den Hoef and other churches and large farms went up in flames. For centuries more, the ruins stood in the landscape and the towers did serve as beacons for shipping.

In 1935 the abbey was rebuilt, and in 2010 it is still home to 13 monks who are determined to keep it up in Egmond for a long time. Your presence at the prayer services in the abbey church they particularly appreciate. You can enter anytime, even if they have already started.

The abbey has its own website

Egmond Abbey holds unique treasures
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What else can you find in Egmond-Binnen?

  • Biking, hiking or horseback riding in the area or in the Dune Area
  • At the village hall the Scallop, there are regular activities.
  • Village association stands up for livability.
  • Painting Society Hallem. Three Egmond artists on
  • Egmond op zijn Kop: every year in early August the three-day village festival.

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