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From Radio Noordzee via Radio & TV 80 to RTV80

On January 5, 1980, Adje Patatje and Peter van Holland, residents of Egmond, started the illegal radio station Radio Noordzee. After 14 years, they decided to quit and work toward legal status.

Therefore, on April 8, 1993, the Radio Egmond Foundation was established, with the goal of continuing to provide the people of Egmond with local news and programs in the future. On December 8, 1993, the foundation launched its first legal broadcasts under the name “Radio North Sea 80,” later changed to “Radio 80. In July 1998, the broadcaster also began providing Text TV.

Finally, anticipating the merger of the municipalities of Bergen, Egmond and Schoorl in 2001, RTV80 started in 1999 as a local broadcaster for the 3 municipalities.

General information

RTV80 is the local broadcaster of the Municipality of Bergen NH. The broadcaster brings multimedia information, culture and education to and for the residents, business owners and tourists of Bergen County, NH. The multimedia approach allows information to be received through radio, TV, the Internet, social media and apps for smartphones and smart TV. RTV80 is produced by the BES Radio and TV Foundation. The foundation has an ANBI status. If you support RTV80 financially, it is tax deductible.

The local broadcaster employs about 45 employees on a volunteer basis. For news continuity, 1 freelance journalist is active.

RTV80, Radio 80, TV80 and Radio and TV80 are brand names of the BES Radio and TV Foundation.

Regional cooperation

RTV80 cooperates regionally with the broadcasters of Uitgeest, Castricum and Heiloo through the Combimedia Noord-Kennemerland Foundation.


The main objective of RTV80 is to provide information in the Coast and Dune region focused on the area of social, cultural, religious and spiritual needs living in the municipality.


We do not promise you golden mountains, but maximum attention!

Advertising with RTV80 is maximum attention for your company and/or product in the North Holland Coast & Dune Region. Your advertising message reaches our listeners and viewers through our radio and TV channels as well as online.

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RTV80 brings radio programs with local news, music and fun. Sports events such as the Egmond Half Marathon, Rondje Bergen and the Groet uit Schoorl Run are covered live on the radio. In the region, broadcasts can be heard over the airwaves on 105.9 FM. Digitally, Radio 80 can be received via:

Ziggo channel 919
KPN channel 1193
Trined channel 897
SNLR Channel 897


RTV80 presents current information from the municipality of Bergen NH interspersed with video items and reports. The broadcaster brings news and Human interest topics and aims to be a connecting link in Bergen County. The items can be seen in blocks starting at 07:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00, 01:00 and 04:00. TV80 can be received digitally via:

Ziggo channel 44
KPN channel 1493
Trined channel 514
SNLR Channel 514


RTV80 has its own app for Apple and Android. With this, you always have the local news in your pocket. See what? Take a picture and send it to our editors via the app. It is also possible to listen to Radio 80 and watch RTV80 through the app.


RTV80 is the local broadcaster for the more than 30,000 residents of Bergen County, NH.

RTV80 – For the Coast and Dune Region!

Seaway 52
PO Box 133
1930 AC Egmond aan zee

Tel: 072 – 506 75 80


Editing RTV80

Editor-in-chief: Evert Visser
Tel: 06 – 1177 5352
Email: [email protected]

Advertising sales RTV80

Ruud Bredewold
Tel: 06 – 2291 6709
Email: [email protected]