Egmond aan den Hoef, the gem in the dunes

Egmond Aan Den Hoef may not be as well known as Egmond Aan Zee, but it is certainly no less fun! You can discover the beautiful surroundings, sights and much more from a vacation park in Egmond, for example. But why should you choose Egmond Aan Den Hoef?

Rich history

‘De Hoef,’ as Egmond aan den Hoef is also popularly called, is a small village in the municipality of Bergen, in North Holland. The village is only two kilometers from the sea. De Hoef originated on a beach ridge near a castle founded in the 13th century by the lord of Egmond. Lake Egmond was reclaimed in 1564. Unfortunately, Egmond Castle was destroyed, but its ruins were excavated. You can visit this impressive ruin. Walk the last stretches of “Slot op den Hoef,” past the castle chapel and moat. The castle chapel, which has been located in Egmond aan den Hoef since 1430, can unfortunately only be visited at present during church, cultural and other events. A statue of the Lamoral of Egmontcan be found on the ruins. He lived in the castle in the sixteenth century.

You can visit museum farmstead Overslot. It is an old farmhouse that is a cultural meeting place. Enjoy art and even musical performances. The museum also features a wonderful shell collection, ethnographic exhibition, book antiquarianism and a second-hand record market. There is also an exhibition and film about the Egmond “Art Summer School” of George Hitchcock. So nice and historical!

Into nature

Nature lovers can also have a wonderful time in Egmond Aan Den Hoef. Characteristic of the old village are the meadows, dunes, polder and the most colorful bulb fields. The village is located on the edge of the dunes and the Egmondermeer polder area. The old village center is called, by the many artists who stayed in De Hoef, “picturesque. Stroll through the village and its typical surroundings, or take a bike ride. Rather enjoy the surroundings a little more? Then relax and take a seat in a covered wagon, which will take you through the idyllic surroundings.

If you are a real beach-goer, then you cannot skip a visit to the Dutch coast. From Egmond Aan Den Hoef you can get there in no time. Walk through the dunes, and in the meantime see if you can find a toad or salamander in one of the many pools. The Sea Village landscape in the dunes immediately stands out.

Egmond Aan Den Hoef is therefore the perfect vacation spot for everyone. Thanks to the versatility of the village and its surroundings, there is always something to do. Extra nice: in Egmond Aan Den Hoef you avoid the crowds of beach lovers in Egmond aan zee. Already convinced?