Municipality of Bergen

Municipality of Bergen

Bergen, Egmond aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef, Egmond-Binnen and Schoorl are villages in North Holland. These villages were merged after the merger in the year 2001 and now fall under the name Municipality of Bergen.

Bergen as a municipality is the largest town in the region and an important tourist center, with many stores, restaurants and recreational opportunities and an 18 km coastline.

Three Egmonds

Egmond aan Zee is best known for its beautiful beaches, dunes, and historic Fisherman’s Day. Egmond aan den Hoef is best known for its beautiful nature, historic castle and the cheese-cover farmhouses characteristic of the North Holland landscape. Egmond-Binnen is best known for its oldest abbey in the Netherlands, St. Adelbertus Abbey, and its colorful bulb fields in the spring.


The dune village of Schoorl has been known as a tourist village since the end of the nineteenth century. Cottages were built in many backyards as early as the early 20th century for summer rentals, and today there are several vacation parks and hotels.


Winter months

During the winter months, I would personally recommend visiting Egmond-Binnen to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the rich history of Egmond Abbey. Also, during the winter months there are often cozy Christmas markets in the area where you can enjoy the fun and tasty snacks and drinks.
Egmond aan Zee
remains the most attractive village center with a real catering square and several beach pavilions which are open all year round.

Bergen village center

Anyone who drives into the village of Bergen knows it immediately: this village is special. Its beautiful location on forest and dunes, close to the sea gives Bergen an almost mystical aura. So do the many artists who have lived here for years. The light, space and leafy avenues still inspire them to create many beautiful things.

Around the eye-catching Ruined Church you will find plenty of boutiques, terraces and welcoming restaurants. And around the corner you can bike and walk right into the dune reserve.

In and around Egmond (Municipality of Bergen)

The North Sea coast around Egmond offers you plenty of variety. The landscape is a distinctly coastal one with lots of sea, beach and dunes. Behind the line of dunes you will find plenty of bulb fields and polders.

Egmond is located in a coastal area which extends from Wijk aan Zee to Camperduin. In between you will find a particularly beautiful dune area. Both by bike and also walking you can spend very pleasant hours here. Near Castricum (about 8 kilometers from Egmond is the visitor center “de Hoep”. Here the PWN provides an overview of dune management, flora and fauna of the area and water extraction.

Webcam Bergen aan Zee


Since about 1900, Bergen has been an artists’ village, attracting many painters, writers and architects. The Kranenburgh Museum in Bergen contains a collection of works of art from this Bergen School. The Park Meerwijk villa district was built entirely in the style of the Amsterdam School between 1915 and 1918. Prominent artists have lived on Buerweg. There are regular art markets in Bergen, annual music festivals (the Holland Music Sessions in August and Jazz & Sail on the first weekend in September) and an annual art festival (the Kunst10daagse in October).

Bergen is also home to the former residence of Adriaan Roland Holst (1888-1976), the “Prince of Dutch Poets.” He lived there from 1918 until his death in 1976. Since 2002, the A. Roland Holst House on Nesdijk has been occupied in rotation by various writers and poets, who often put the finishing touches on new work to be published there.

There are also two polder mills near Bergen, one located on Meerweg and the other on Voert. The one on Meerweg is the Damlandermolen from around 1700. The other mill is on the outskirts of Bergen, in the Philistein polder near Het Woud. The mill bears the name
Philistein Mill
and dates back to 1897.

Other attractions in the municipality of Bergen include the Sea Aquarium (Bergen aan Zee), the Auto Union Museum with a collection of vintage cars, the Museum Kranenburgh for visual arts and the historical museums Het Sterkenhuis (Bergen) and the Museum van Egmond(Egmond aan Zee). The first Wednesday of August in Bergen is the traditional evening of lights, when residents decorate their gardens with lights.

North of the village of Bergen are the Schoorl Dunes. This vast nature reserve has the highest and widest dunes in the Netherlands. In some places, the dunes are up to five kilometers wide. In the middle of the area is De Kerf, a unique brackish water area that was created after an opening was dug in the line of dunes in 1997, allowing sea water to flow in at high tide.

Bergen’s town hall is located outside the municipality, in neighboring Alkmaar. For a little shopaholic, the “Delight” Mountains is heaven on earth. For a small village, it really has an incredible number of wonderful stores. From the trendiest clothing boutiques, stylish interior design stores to the Hema.

In the Bergen core, art, culture and cultural history elements define the atmosphere of the village. Nationally and internationally known events such as the Art 10-day, Holland Music Sessions, the evening of lights, the summer art market and fair attract streams of visitors to this beautiful village every year.

There are also the museums and galleries, an artists’ center, the old Ruined Church, several beautiful cafes and restaurants with cozy terraces, nice boutiques and the art ski slope. In short, plenty of ingredients for a fun, dressed-up and culturally rich day out.

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