Hoeve Overslot is located right in the heart of Egmond aan den Hoef. The castle quarter consists of 6 national monuments, including an old farmhouse from the 16th century and the old council house. The buildings face the moat, where the foundations of the castle of the Lamoraal of Egmont, among others, can be found.

Restoration work

Alderman Ernest Briët unveiled the construction sign at Hoeve Overslot and Slotweg 44 on Friday, March 17, with the sun shining in the background, officially starting the restoration work. The history of these buildings dates back to the 17th century, and it is unique to have this type of old building in the North Holland Kop van Noord-Holland. The City of Bergen proudly owns the buildings and is going to ensure that all restoration work fits the National Monument character of the buildings.

The community wants to make the Castle Quarter an attractive area where the important history of this location and its significance is brought to life. Neighbor Kitty Hopman was also present at the unveiling and is pleased that restoration work will begin.

Pronk Restoration will perform the restoration, beginning with the roof and facade of the farmstead. The inside will follow later this year. Next, Slotweg 44 will be restored. Here the foundations are being improved, the roofs renewed and insulated, and the window frames and joints restored and renewed.

There will be sustainable heating systems and soundproofing in the section that will be used as a cabaret stage. The Hafre Foundation will remain part of
Hoeve Overslot
use as a kleinkunstpodium. On the filling of the remaining part of the Hoeve, the college will decide soon. Local residents will be kept informed about the work and decisions made over the next year.