Spring in Egmond, the bulbs in March to May

Spring in Egmond, the bulbs in March to May

Spring is back in full swing and that means the flower bulbs are in bloom in the famous fields of Egmond aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef and Egmond-Binnen.

The colorful sea of flowers is a sight to behold every year and attracts many visitors from home and abroad. The area around Egmond is known for its vast bulb fields where tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, among others, grow.

The fresh air and the view of the colorful blooms make a visit to Egmond during this time extra special. In this article, we would like to tell you more about the bulb fields and what there is to see and do in the area during this blooming period.

The bulb fields are in full bloom

The bulb fields are in full bloom from late March through mid-May. This is the ideal time to explore the area and enjoy the splashes of color. The area around Egmond is not only popular for its flower bulbs, but also for
the dunes and the beach
. It is therefore a wonderful combination to take a walk or bike ride through the bulb fields and along the coastline.

In Egmond itself there are also various activities during this period. For example, there is the annual Flower Days in Limmen, where various objects are decorated with flowers and there is a
fun fair
is. Hiking and
bicycle tours are organized
along the bulb fields and there is the opportunity to visit a bulb farm.

The Flower Bulb Museum in Limmen

For those who want to learn more about the history of flower bulbs after admiring them, a visit to the Flower Bulb Museum in Limmen is highly recommended. Here you will learn all about the history of flower bulbs and their cultivation.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the local delicacies. The Egmond area is home to a variety of local produce, including the famous Salty Potato. There are also several cozy restaurants and beach bars where you can enjoy a snack and drink.

In short, a visit to the flower bulb fields of Egmond is a unique experience you don’t want to miss during the spring season. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, flying or simply enjoying the splashes of color, the Egmond area has something for everyone.

Link: Flower bulb museum

Thanks to Eric Dekker, and DeZee for the photos

Cycling routes along the bulb fields

Cycling to Egmond

Cycling to Egmond

Biking to the Three Egmonds. No matter from which side you approach the 3 Egmonden, from Alkmaar, Heiloo, Castricum, Bergen aan Zee, Uitgeest or Bergen and whether you cycle through the meadows, the dunes or along the bulb fields, it is always a wonderful, varied ride on a good bike path.

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