The Microbes – Tribute to Louk van Meurs

Art Microbes Egmond

Row mold elements

In 1984, Louk van Meurs devised a row of mold elements to be hung on the facade of the Keuringsdienst van Waren in Alkmaar.

These elements were based on microscopic photographs of bacteria and fungi and were created by the artist herself. The artwork was originally intended to beautify the facade of the building, and the Food Inspection Department paid 51,000 guilders for the creation at the time.

The elements are made of cast iron and were cast in an old iron foundry in Doesburg.Van Meurs believed that the elements would look best when hung side by side on the facade of the building. However, the artwork is now buried along Sportlaan as a jumble of fifty small artworks, which is not in keeping with Van Meurs’ original vision.

Artistic and historical value

Although some people on social media expressed disappointment with the artwork’s new location, it can still be admired and appreciated for its artistic and historical value.

It is important to recognize that works of art can evolve and change over time, and that it is important to continue to recognize their value regardless of their location.


Sculptor Louk van Meurs (1929-2013) from
Egmond aan Zee, with works of art all over the world,
Has the erratic forms of microorganisms in the sea
translated into cast iron sections 125 cm high and 65 cm wide.
They were donated to the Village Interests Association
Egmond “PAREL” by the sea and thus to the people of
Egmond aan Zee. The high dune of the Lookout Tower with
view of the fishing village provides a beautiful backdrop for
her work in the beloved village where for more than 50 years she and
her husband the sculptor GeertJan van Meurs lived.
In January 2018, THE MICROBEN were placed on this site.
From her hand is also the Rowing Lifeboat on the
Vureboetsduin next to Jan van Speijk’s lighthouse.

Text on the plaque

Fourteen triangles

Chosen were fourteen triangles playfully placed, a total of 42 pieces. Three parts were broken in the yard and five parts were donated, in accordance with Louk’s wishes, to a personal friend. Two flower boxes will be installed and bulbs will be placed in the ground to colorfully surround the black cast iron artwork.

The municipality of Bergen gave its full cooperation and financial support in moving the work of art, as well as the gentlemen of greenery and the Duinmeijer company, for which we thank them.

Pearl by the Sea village interests

Placement on the Sportlaan in Egmond aan Zee

The full board of the PAREL is pleased that now, after thirteen years, Louk van Meurs’ work has found a proper place and has been able to fulfill the promise made to her.



In 2004, the Association Dorpsbelangen Egmond “PAREL” was officially registered at the notary, divided into seven parts, each with a representative. Louk van Meurs was the DDV person for her village district and in 2005 enlisted the help of ten Egmond aan Zee import women to preserve her artwork “The Microbes” for Egmond aan Zee. The “PAREL” board and Louk investigated many locations, but it wasn’t until 2015 that the artwork was placed in the garden of Care Circle Prince Henry.

After moving to another location on Sport Avenue, across from the entrance to the Roompot, fourteen triangles were playfully placed and two flower boxes were placed. The full board of the PAREL is pleased that after thirteen years Louk van Meurs’ work has found a good place and has been able to deliver what was promised to her. Some board members will quit in 2018 after fifteen, twelve or ten years of PAREL, but new board members have been found to continue the Association Dorpsbelangen Egmond ‘PAREL’.

Sculptor Louk van Meurs (1929-2013)

Initial placement

Fencing at inspection service of goods in Alkmaar


Second placement

In the Garden of The Prince Henry Foundation in Egmond

Sculptor Louk van Meurs (1929-2013)

Objection and illegal placement

The building of the PHS, is a national monument and nothing can be changed to it, because of this the artwork had to be moved

The artwork as placed in the garden of Care Circle Prince Henry.


Who was

Louk van Meurs-Mauser +

Louise Helianthe (Louk) van Meurs-Mauser (Hengelo, May 17, 1929 – Bergen, March 15, 2013) was a Dutch sculptor

Life and work

Van Meurs trained at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She was married to artist Geertjan van Meurs. In 1953, the couple settled in Egmond aan Zee. She became a member of St. Luke’s Artists Association in 1964. She, like her husband, was an honorary member of the Bergen Artists Center (KCB). Van Meurs made her works in metals such as iron and copper plate. She was inspired in her work by ships, the sea and movement.