This website is brought to you by: ERC Automatisering with the aim of informing you about tourist, sports and recreational opportunities that Egmond aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef and Egmond-Binnen have to offer you.

Content will fill the Egmond Online website with webcams, film clips, photos from then and now and all kinds of other current information. Possibilities include a hotel book or view store information, The Cafés and many Restaurants are displayed with information sometimes provided by the business owners themselves. No rights can be granted to the information provided on this website or spin-offs from it. This is already the 6th version of, the first was still developed in HTML and Flash. The second in Websitebaker CMS and the current version with WordPress. And the current version with DIVI Builder where a special extension was developed and is now called Divi Extra. has been running in Contabo’s green data center in Germany since 2021. In addition
ERC Automation
donor to the Historic Egmond Foundation. Regarding the history of Egmond, we used their texts and those of Carla Kager. We also sponsor the muscles for muscles foundation. Egmondonline’s visitor count is around 250,000 and 300,000 per year, making Egmondonline a perfect website for advertisers in the area.

The Municipality of Bergen supports This website was created from an initiative of mine(Erik Reemst) to first promote the stores and hospitality of Egmond. Thus, 20 years ago was created a highly successful website with 80,000 visitors per year with no advertising expenses, but fully funded by OV de Eendracht.

In 2010 it was time for a new website for Egmond, so OV. de Eendracht thought and after long pondering I came up with the name Egmond Online fast, simple to remember and appropriate, especially because the Eendracht did not want just an Egmond aan Zee store and catering website but a real portal for all 3 Egmond the colors were determined based on the logo and suggested by Jorgen van Amstel.


The 3 Egmonds

I tried to develop as complete a website as possible where all 3 Egmond are well represented based on their place in popularity for tourists, you understand that Egmond aan Zee is the most important.

But also all the sights of Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef are posted as well as their Events and photos.


If you think you are a good journalist and would like to write regularly for example in the form of a column and/or news items or if you are good at photography then you are cordially invited to join You will be given a login name and code and under the news section your posts can be read. More information? Please contact us at the bottom via email.

What Egmond Online offers

The website has everything that the 3 Egmond has to offer and I have tried to think as much as possible in the atmosphere of Egmond. will hopefully be even better visited and found than and we need your help for that. Do you care about the Egmonden or are you an entrepreneur in the 3 Egmonden do not hesitate to contact me directly using the e-mail form at the bottom of this page. If you have a question or comment, please let me know!


If you are interested in beautiful especially historical sights then you really should click over to this menu selection, I have tried to describe all the sights activities to do and activities to experience as comprehensively and fully as possible. Supported with videos and images.

Unlike, it is possible on to advertise simply to defray the annual costs of hosting, data traffic and content management

Projects such as the New Year’s Plunge are being organized but need good publicity, and offers opportunities in this regard.

New entrepreneurs and business owners are of course welcome on Egmondonline and we can give you business more exposure. If you are a reasonably good writer or photographer or if you are good at making and editing films and would like to do your part then you are welcome.