Pompplein Egmond aan Zee

The center (hospitality square)

You can see webcam images of that here, they are live and give a nice view of the cozy Pump Square. During the summer months or winter months when there is a sports event or performance. Is this a perfect gathering location. Passers-by who have had a breath of fresh air on the beach often walk straight ahead when leaving the beach. After about 100 meters, they then walk right into Pump Square. At
bookstore dekker
anyway to buy a magazine for at the hotel or at home. Or just
picking out cigarettes or a souvenir from Geert Bes

The surrounding Horeca establishments all eagerly accommodate you as a guest of Egmond.
Especially after a day at the lovely wide beach, it is a good place to be. And you can choose from a very wide and wide selection of dishes with different origins. From Paste and Pizza to culinary delights dishes with infusion. You’ll find it all here at Pump Square.

Cool off or get warm at the Pump Square.

Just chill out with one of the many Dutch, Belgian, German and even Italian beers with or without alcohol. Or a nice fresh Rose will allow you to finish the day delightfully and relaxed.

Hotels and apartment in Egmond are always within walking distance in our great village. And the Sport Café de Werf has fun games for you to watch every day if you are still looking for some entertainment and fun after the terraces.

You will also find Bookstore Dekker on Pump Square and well into view on the webcam. Here you can buy much more than books and is actually the information point of Egmond aan Zee. At the Berry Family opposite, you can quickly buy an old-fashioned ticket. But Bes, like the bookstore, features a wide assortment of toys, think kites, sand toys, footballs, etc.. At Bes Tobacco in the same store, Geert will provide you with your box of cigars or cigarettes…. You can buy yourself a can of soda there.

Poor cell phone signal in your home or office
Sports Cafe the Wharf

The Pump Square

The Pump Square is located near the largest hotel in North Holland The Zuiderduin.

Formerly a children’s colony, it was converted in the 1980s and 1990s into a grandiose hotel with pool, bowling alleys, restaurants and mega-Pub. The meeting rooms are regularly used for large events, think of international darts competitions or the Egmond half marathon. And oh yes, you can stay in the
Hotel is also perfect for an overnight stay. Even though you are not a guest, you can use all the facilities of the Zuiderduin for a fee.

Pump Square
has traditionally been the central Horeca point of Egmond aan Zee and underwent a renovation several years ago.

During large rainfalls or storms, rainwater (because Pumph Square is lower than, say, Front Street or the beach exit) all ran into Pumph Square. for that was chosen to be under the Pump Square to place a water tank. (stormwater infiltration). Since then, Pump Square has remained dry.