Limit paid parking in Egmond.

If you come to Egmond aan Zee by car, we ask that you leave your car in Egmond-Zuid in the large parking lots or on the North and South Boulevard. Follow the signs directing you to the parking lots.

Paid parking applies in Egmond aan Zee from March 1 to November 1.

Daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and it costs (2023) €2.10 per hour.

In the other Egmonden, parking is free.

Please note that Voorstraat and a portion of Julianastraat have a separate zone for short-term parking with a separate rate.

Winter: Nov. 1 to March 1, Sat. and so on.
paid parking from 10:00-19:00 other days free

Please note that Voorstraat and a portion of Julianastraat have a separate zone for short-term parking with a separate rate.

Paid parking is also available on Sundays and holidays.

Parking in Egmond aan Zee
Parking zones
Parking times
Parking prices 2023 Egmond
Zone A max. 1.5 hours
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
€2.10 per hour, maximum of 12.60 per day
Zone B Egmond aan Zee
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
€2.10 per hour, maximum of €12.60 per day
Zone C Egmond aan Zee
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
€2.10 per hour, maximum of €12.60 per day
Zone D Egmond aan Zee
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
For permit holders only
Zone E max. 1 hour Bergen
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Free for one hour with parking disc
Zone F Hargen aan Zee
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
€2.10 per hour, maximum of €6.30– per day
Street parking
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
max. €12.60 per day
except Hargen aan Zee, here € 6.30 per day
Blue zone
max. 2 hours in Bergen: max. 1 hour
Place GPK Egmond
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Free parking in Disabled parking spaces
note: in Zone A: max. 1.5 hours (use parking disc)

Municipality overview (PDF) with all parking zones described click here


Traffic jam and limited space.

By car, Egmond aan Zee can be reached by only one road: the Egmonderstraatweg. On nice summer days, this often means being stuck in traffic jams, when it is difficult or even impossible to find a spot for the car.

Sometimes there is still space in the private parking lot at the former playground the Egmonden . If you turn right after the last traffic light before Egmond aan Zee, you will see the site on the first bend.

Better is, that you -especially on nice summer days- leave the car at the large parking lot of ice rink de Meent near Alkmaar. Then continue by bus 165 or by the bike you brought.

Call Parking

Starting May 1, 2013, you can also use call parking in Egmond aan Zee. You can start, stop and pay for your “parking action” with your mobile. After one-time registration with a call parking provider (for example, ANWB Parkeren), you can use call parking throughout the country.
In addition to convenience, a major advantage is the need to pay afterwards and only for the time parked. Post-payment by cell phone brings additional benefits over the current method of payment.

Motorists no longer have to decide in advance how long they will stay away, this way they only pay for the time they park and do not risk a parking fine.


Most hotels and guesthouses have parking waivers for their guests. However, this waiver does not apply to areas with short-term paid parking (Zone A).

Where is what valid regarding zones?

Paid parking areas are divided into several zones. Your permit states where it is valid. Different rules apply in the short-term paid parking area (Zone A).

Here the maximum parking time is an hour and a half. No permits are issued to residents for Zone A. For businesses, permits may be issued in certain cases, it depends on where the work is.

  • Phone number 033-2473000

  • Postal address
    P.O. Box 489
    3800 AL Amersfoort

  • ISO certified


Disabled and disabled

Disabled people may use the parking spaces for free with their disabled parking permits. In Zone A, however, one may park for 1 1/2 hours. A parking disc is required!

Both cards must be placed in a highly visible place behind the windshield.

Remember that different rules may apply in other municipalities.

Handicapped parking permit application
The application, review and assignment of a disabled parking permit is not through ParkingService, but through the municipality. Visit the Bergen County website for more information.


Conditions residents and businesses stay recreation permit

Hotel and guesthouse owners and private landlords can apply for permits for their guests. In doing so, the rental must be in the paid parking area.

Permits can only be issued if tourist or commuter taxes are paid. With permanent occupancy, no permit is possible.

Maximum of 1 permit per room rented.

Only 1 permit can be obtained for summer houses and apartments regardless of the number of rooms.

If you bought a new car, you can exchange the parking permit for a new one at City Hall. If a license by license plate goes missing, you can fill out a statement of loss at City Hall and you will receive a new license.

Residents of Egmond

Do you have a permit where you are going to register a license plate yourself?

If you have a permit for Bergen or Schoorl, you can register a license plate in ParkStart from the effective date of your permit. This can only be done with a valid permit, hence you cannot start work before the effective date.
If you have a resident permit then you do not need ParkStart, your permit is valid immediately.

Note: In the animation, you can see that you can top up balance in a visitor scheme. This is not necessary in Bergen; you have already paid an annual fee in advance.

I bought a (different) car. So do I have to apply for a new parking permit?

If you have a permit on a fixed license plate (for example, a resident permit), you can change your new license plate yourself in the E-counter. If this is not possible for you, please submit your license plate change using the

modification form


I live in an area where there is a “winter break. When do I need to apply for a permit?

It is wise – if you do not have a permit due to a winter break – to apply for one in advance. Then you will already have the permit in place when paid parking becomes active again. The rate is for an entire year.

I am not very good with the computer, what should I do now?

Are you not digitally proficient enough to apply for a permit online on your own? Ask for help with this. You can call Parking Service at telephone number (033) 247 3000. They will guide you through the application process by phone. You can also ask someone close to you or family to help you.

I have a foreign license plate. Can I apply for a permit?

Yes, it is possible to enter foreign license plates as well. Thus, a permit can also be applied for on a foreign license plate. Because we cannot do an RDW check for foreign license plates, you must upload an additional proof document with the application form.

I have children living at home who have a car. Can they also get a resident permit?

For multi-person households, you can apply for a maximum of 2 permits. Whether these are children or a partner does not matter. You must be registered and the car must be in his/her name to qualify for a resident’s permit. This is also stated in the conditions included in the regulation.

I am moving to another address in the municipality. Will my permit remain valid?

When moving, you must always cancel your current permit and apply for a new digital permit as soon as you are registered at the new address.

Are my permits automatically renewed or do I have to “reapply” for them?

Your digital permits are automatically renewed. You will automatically receive an invoice for paying the new period.

Visitor parking

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, the visitor scheme can be used for 600 hours per permit year.

You will pay an invoice of €46.80 (flat rate) in advance, which is the renewal letter/invoice of the current visitor scheme.

If you have paid, the 600 hours will be available in ParkStart starting Jan. 1 and you can register visits.

A maximum of 3 license plates can be registered at the same time.
The current maximum of 4 hours of parking per day expires on Dec. 31, 2022.


Do I call the municipality for information or the Cooperative Parking Service if I have questions?

For all questions about parking, call ParkingService at (033) 247 3000, unless you have questions about policy. If so, please contact the municipality at +31 (0)72 888 00 00 / +31 6 257 561 60 (Whatsapp).