Dutch Historian on the Egmond Dialect

As a Dutch historian, I can tell you that The Egmond dialect, also called Derps, is a local dialect spoken in Egmond aan Zee and the surrounding villages such as Egmond aan den Hoef and Egmond-Binnen.

The Egmond dialect is a variant of West Frisian, which in turn is a variant of Dutch. West Frisian is spoken in West Friesland, a region in North Holland that includes Egmond aan Zee.

The Egmond dialect is characterized by specific sounds and words that differ from standard Dutch. For example, the “onion” sound is often pronounced as “uu” and the “g” sound at the end of a word is often not pronounced.

Specific words not found in standard Dutch are also used, such as “derps” for the Egmond dialect itself and “crumple” for a croissant.

Read a message written in Egmond dialect here

The Egmond dialect has a rich history and has developed under the influence of the region’s environment, social class and historical events. As a historian, I would like to know more about the development of this dialect and how it has related to other local dialects in the region.

In Egmond aan Zee, the dialect is still kept alive through local activities, such as the Egmond Dialect Evening, where people come together to speak the dialect and listen to stories and poems in Egmond.

There are also local associations working to preserve the vernacular, such as the Historical Society of Egmond.

Postcard of Egmond aan Zee
Dialect from A to Z

On the front page:

Drawing by Reint de Jonge. Previously published in the book: the Little Derp and the Big Sea. The salty life of Angel Black.

Written by Peter Gerritse.

This publication on the dialect of Egmond aan Zee was produced in cooperation with:


Mrs. J. Konijn – de Groot Mrs. F. Rozing – Wijker Mrs. G. Lampe

Mrs. E. Bruschke – Block Mr. P. Dekker

Mr. J. Hopman Mr. J. Sander


Realization and design: mrs. W. Sander – de Zwart Published in 1998 by: fa. Dekker & Dekker reissue: 2009


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Preface The Egmond dialect.

Just as one cannot learn a foreign language from a book, but must become proficient through a long stay in the country of origin, neither can one master the knowledge and use of local speech only from this chapter. Understanding and speaking languages and dialects simply requires long-term practice and experience. In addition, old villagers still use dialectal words and phrases and can describe their meaning, but cannot provide information about their derivation.

Over a quarter of a century ago, attempts were made to shed more light on this matter and, among other things, the parable of the Prodigal Son was transcribed into Egmond, but that was all. Our inquiries led to the following result.

Before the 12th century, the Lower Franconian language was spoken in North Holland, mixed with Old Frisian components. So this was the “national language,” which over the centuries did not remain of foreign taint.

We consider the creeping in of French words under the rule of the Burgundian Counts’ House (1433-1482) and during French rule (1795-1813).

Do not forget either, that the Slot aan de Hoef reached its greatest flowering during the reign of Manke Jan (1483-1516) and many foreign nobles repeatedly and for long periods of time stayed in this area and their language was partially adopted by “the common man.”

Now added to this is the peculiar circumstance, that for nearly 10 centuries the Egmondese have lived in an almost closed, restricted circle, so the original speech has undergone but little change.

  • There were some circles in the village:
  • the fishing population, the nerfs,
  • the shipowners and administrators.

Insofar as the latter had come from elsewhere, they spoke the national language; the ship owners, themselves descended from the fishermen, a mixture of the national language and the dialect; the tradesmen the speech of those they served and the fishing population exclusively the dialect.

Among these people there was even a clear difference in pronunciation between those who lived south and those who lived north of the Voorstraat.

These words were taken verbatim from a manuscript by Mr. van Eenennaam, then a teacher at the local fishing school. He was one of the first to try to put the Egmond dialect in writing.

The compilers April 1998


Aalt worre Die.

stroke Egg. Trench at digging

Aaine in staine- Ien in stien Cleaner on board v.e. ship. âajebâajeg much wind

Aalig. I have ~ today My day’s task is accomplished (‘aalig comes from holy) A’am komme. Getting behind my ~ Shortage of air.

Aaning. I know gie more where I ~zaâle mot Not knowing where you are welcome as a guest or housemate.

Aaning/om’âaning Fence

Aâningzaâle ending up in the port, coming home, lodging

Monkey. If you teach a ~ to climb, he’ll be in the tree before you – If you teach someone something, he’ll soon overtake you

Earthg – strange, unusual. Often used ironically in Egmond by certain families

Aarlef – One and a half.

Aars – different

Aars as recht’een – Different from what one is used to

Ace. – When on Something to Like

Aasteg thaw – Steel pan.

Aâwer – parent

Aâwsig – Musty, no longer fresh.

Aâwte. – Same ~ Same age.

Abelat. – with with policy, securely

Behind legge – Use at 1st Holy Communion. The first year you may always lead the way, but a year after this event you are second.

Achter’ois – Back room.

Backhanded – sneaky.

Backwoods November, when it gets cold, dark days. Preserved cultivation around St. Nicholas

After – Behind.

Buckthorn – Hawthorn.

Agembinder – Someone from Egmond Binnen.

Ai ‘eb ‘et – He is dead.

Akebake Playing Chalk. Tikkie the man Akkerendere (that akkerendere ‘iet) agree (that does not agree)

Alderasy. In the ~ In the confusion. Stems from the time of iconoclasm.

Alebande Whining, apprehension.

Alement. On ‘t ~ be on time.

Alige evend End of work.

Allef ellefie Drink in the morning

Allef zaks mankie Basket. Contents ¼ mud

Allefie half a cent

Allegaar tette All posturing

Allejansie ewwe Intercourse, having a courtship.

Alstans All the same.

Stubborn Stubborn.

Ameeso Of ‘t same (after congratulations).

Ammenderstreetweg Egmonderstraatweg

An’estâte. Then we deer also nag effe ~ Then we also visited there for a while

Ankie in ankie Peppermint. Walking very close together. Intertwined walking

Antij. ’tis ‘eel ~ (emphasis on an) it is a very beginning Apegape. on ~ legge almost die

Appe It is gone,disappeared (to children).

Arde.’T is gien ~ It doesn’t hold out.

Are beers Other neighbors.

Arendaags The Next Day

Arkenooie Aimlessly engaging in something

Poorbankies Benches in the back of the church.

Arraid(joi) exclamation of surprise. Correlation of the English All right, but now has a different meaning.

Arre. From ~ comes rigid from one thing comes another

Arrekenôoie Being aimlessly busy with something.

Arremoed ‘eb ‘n ai êlége and sad’ád sits on the nest -nothing but woes

Arseslappie Hat worn under a trumpet

Artless Concerned, anxious, heavy-handed

Artzeer Lovesickness

Ase Soon, soon.

Asje weer deres wat wêet je wordt bedankt (irony intended)

Asseldoekie Square cloth sewn into the armpit of e.g. a sweater. This was worn to prevent wear and tear and therefore tear out.

Asserant Brutal. Word comes from French and means bold.

Aveseren Advancing, Advancing (of disease and money).

Azekwispie, ‘azepissie ‘t Last leftover, bit

Azend Face or countenance.


Baaiegaar. We go to We go together, the two of us Boss. Ai is the ~ of the vroete He is the boss of the stuff.

Bagge Long Earrings.

Bai the wick at hand

Balle kaatse. Of all ~ Of all abilities.

Bangsel Wallpaper

Bangsum in honor. From bantum ten ering. From ~After falling back into good spirits. Starting to earn less

Barrel Unsound Man; Sucker.

Barrele. An ~ In pieces, broken;

Barzie. One ~ A dirty mess, garbage.

Bazeroet Naughty child, naughty child.

Bebolwerreke Accomplish, arrange, prepare, be able to understand.

Bed and bilster (bolster) With ~ With have and have not.

Bed and bilster. Your ~ Your haves and have-nots (possession)

Bedare Getting right; Movement from one place to another; Stop crying

Bedstick Topped sandwich before sleeping

Bêeg Beug. Fishing line with hooks

Bêekeme burning pruning for Easter

Bêekertje Small child

Beast Of ‘t wild ~ egete Very busy doing. Beast. Of ‘t looie ~ egète convenience. Beêtje. A Drink.

Begaffele. Not knowing something ~ Not being able to grasp, understand, handle something

Beginne to kwêle begins to grow (young girl)

Begrôot. ‘T ~ me I feel sorry.

Begrôtelijk Jammer, pathetic.

Bek. His ~ goes like a lazerus slap He doesn’t stop talking

Bekâad. I am ~ I made a mistake

Bruised ‘angde Cold, stiff hands.

Bekraite. Jeloi (jollie) zelle me doodbiendere so ~You will cry when I am dead.

Bekroiping regret, repentance.

Call Worthless object or person; a big drink.

Belonging No longer knowing what to do; being tired. Being Balorig

Bemorously Drunk

Benâchety Stingy.

Bendel Curse.

Beppe Grandpa. (As opposed to Frisian, where it means grandmother)

Beskêete. Et comes ~ or It ends badly.

Beskimmeld Shy.

Bestêke. Ai ken et ~ He ate too much.

Bèsteltje Was used in costume on the skirt. A ramp. As a result, the skirt was shortened slightly.

Bestoke time My time is already planned.

Bestoppe Buried.

Bestroikie helpful girl or boy

Bewâht Protection, supervision.

Bewarde. Leet em ~ Let him have his way.

Bewarre Contain, understand.

Bewêging. ‘n ‘êle ~ quite a hassle

Bezaai. er gien ~ of ‘ewwe no notion of it

Bezaie Beside.

Bezêeuwd. Being with it ~ Being with it Being with it.

Bezoin Fine lace hat.

Biel. I ‘eb the ~ I have the money.

Bieltje. It all goes oit ‘n benaâuwd ~

Biene. Ai lay with his~ in front of the mast Someone who cannot afford it so well.

Being sick; someone who can no longer stand; drunk.

Making biene Making your way

Bientje. Oh God âaw me ~fixed because I skopt ‘m dôod be very angry

Biere neighbors

Bierekoil Nearby.

Biert neighborhood

Biggeskos Piglet Trader.

Bil. Sitting on one ~ No patience to stay put.

Bille. Et is ~ weather will you legge There is no no to buy; There is ample.

Bin’ois – for’ois Living Room.

Binne mikke On base; Having the pennies in; In the house/home

Blue. your aige ~ beating yourself up warm. Blue. forbai the ~ pole go on a journey go Bladgêel leafstill

Blaid as look Very happy.

Blak Flat or still (from sea or wind).

Tin hole (-could) have saddle sore

Bookie search ‘ T nowhere to be found.

Farmer aisere voist. ‘n ~ a branieschopper

Boere or koptebitter Rum butter.

Boet Boy; Brother; Shed.

Boet’aak. ‘n reg as ‘n ~ Back pain.

Boewee. A ~ Guts, hustle.

Boezee half sleeves/blue and lined

Boezee black hul

Boezel Apron. Boezelaar

Boik. I ‘eb me ~ tisse me bienen ‘egete – I ate too much

Boiterips guest – boiteripper Stranger.

Boite fisherman Someone who is out of line. Jumping buck on jasper. From ~ Jumping from heel to heel.

Bok. From ~ on aver springe Jumping from heel to heel. Bokke Bend.

Bokkeskêet: Stubborn, headstrong child

Bol kagie Old cookie. No longer crisp

Globe. a bit ~ a piece of bread

Bolder rusk ball

Globe. I am going to ~ I’m going to dress for dirty work.

Bolleboisies Poffertjes, children with bulging cheeks, agile children

Bollek Small type of fish, similar to whiting.

Bollesop porridge of stale bread with milk

Bolsommetje Benefit in kind, fish that didn’t make it to market.

Bombezaaie cap Headgear.

Bongsem Bunzing.

Bong drum Drum (music).

Bongsum in honor. From ~: From one misery into another; get beaten up.

Bonkie Work Apron (plaid).

Boôt. The ~ is an Anger. (the limit is reached)

Bôot. Mit a ~ on my chest feeling burdened

Bor – the bor ‘ewwe Having eaten too much.

Bot Type of twine.

Botkoil Pitfall.

Bozem Undershirt or smock; bosom. Bozem. Tuck under your ~ Tuck under your sweater or blouse

Braamt blackberries

Braamt zoeke / to pick braamt blackberries

Braamt’aalder / blackberry picker Blackberry picker, small basket for the

blackberry Brâhn – Very salty.

Brandenêkel, barndenêkel Stinging nettle.

Brawesie. One ~ A nice cup.

Bree fourteen. Joi, go the ~ on sending someone away (Bree fourteen is a sandbar west of the North Holland coast

Breegum Groom

Breetje (fish) Fried fish.

Breg bridge

Bresse Angled finishing of the dune.

Brieffie. You know your ~ well skêre You don’t stand a chance.

Brilleft. Going to ~ go to a wedding

Brissen make Piece, chunk, make

Chunky. Something to ~ewwe Having something to do, having something to eat.

Bread. Raik choke ~ Earning well.

Bread sum Extra benefit for fishing widows


Daagsteran The next day.

Daapse – dazeling Sufferd. Weird snoop.

Daas – daaps Mal, drowsy.

Daâuw. Mit de ~ op me ôge/lippe early rise Daaze. Ai sits to ~ Just saying something.

Day. ‘n Come all the ~ Just; 13 in a dozen;

Daije. ‘t mot an ~ We’ll see; we hope for the best

Dàk on et ois ewwe bustle in house

Cradling the other child

Darde ‘alf Anderhalf.

Dêer. The ~ is ‘esmated get lots of visitors

Degen. The rusty ~ also does its best Everyone tries to do their best to the best of their ability

Derp Nickname for Egmond aan Zee. (Old Dutch, one can still hear in derp the origin of terp).

Diesak Loose pocket under the skirts.

Diggele. An ~ To pieces. broken

Diggele cabinet china cabinet

Thickensie. In ~ rake In trouble. Comes from the French word decadense and means decay.

Dikke douwe “a Heavy, laborious walk; Continuing despite everything. Expressed.

Dil up. I am ~ I love it; I am a lover of it .

Dillebrere Deliberations

Dillkoop Not expensive. A bargain. Thing. A ~ with a long body ‘t will be long.

Diwwelt legge lie double (from laughing)

Dochte. They ~ didn’t They didn’t virtue.

Doendeloesmoer Someone who is rather busy (busy)

Doge. do not ~ do not suck

Doisies round tiger rolls

Doivel. Den krag je de ~ for your new year!

Doivel. Ai ád such a corridor, the ~ chased em skôot

Doivel. that ai (or zai) ebore, the ~ looked around for an oekie Then you’re not done yet (fig.) Getting wind of it. He ran away at full speed. A mischievous, cunning person.

Dock. Being in the ~ Being confused.

Dommerooi. on the ~ on good luck

Don Tight, tense being of wire or rope.

Dongs ‘e knocked Erg beaten.

Donkie stove, small stove.

Dôod. The ~ inskêpe catch cold

Doôd. Mit de ~ an a tâawtje lope – Someone who does not live long; looking very bad.

Thaw teller Appeaser (literally); Secretly telling something further.

Baptism Jus.

Dor. A ~ toad lope Getting together very much; walking in the door; going somewhere often

Deaf cabbage Glummed briquette.

Dowe. She is not to be in voile well ~ She can stir her mouth well. With her, you have to reckon.

Draiver. ‘n ~gêve hitting someone, throwing a punch

Drâlinge Bedstead Shelves.

Dreegmangt /dreeg/dregie Carrier basket used among other things with jetting, shagging etc.

Drieg. at ~ stand in contention

Drinke. your dry ~ ‘iet deserve nothing (a little bit) earn Droesig full on the chest

Dehydration: cough, smoker’s cough

Dry course thunderstorm without rain Drolle. The ~ blew over the doine Storms.

Drunk. So ~as a steer mill Very drunk.

Drying tree Stick under a clothesline

Dry Copper Polishing.

Dry copper polish

Dry Water Soda.

Drosser Sailor who deserts; child who likes to run away.

Druistically impatient

Dovetop. Sitting on a ~ Being in limbo, restless, on hot coals

Dwààl mop

Cross or Dead tired; crossing the road. (shorter path)


Eb et. Ai ~ He’s in bad shape; he’s dead.

Edaasd. ‘âaw you keep your ease

Edâast. Ai is ~ he declined

Eêfke. One ~ A lizard; aggressive people (women), old tough with a sharp tongue

Eek / éek Vinegar; acid; fish species.

Eekerd Tricky, annoying person.

A nag again neither back nor forth

Honor joy Exclamation.

Hon mit verleg Good excuse

Honor Apple Potatoes.

Honor apple foliage Potato foliage

Eerdebaaie Strawberries.

Eesie Bait (for fishing)

Eesie. A bad ~ Something grim, setback

Eesie.’T is gien ~ It is far from easy.

Eat doge Very able to tolerate hot food

Eézig / eézeg Eager.

Efte Sticking to something; lifting Also: obstacles under water

Efter. On a Later.

Hedgehog’aak Hook at the fireside.

Egonne awarded

Ek. Behind the black ~ Death

Ekkespringer skinny man

El aak hellscape

Elder Udder.

Elêen (three weke ‘elêen) ago (in time)

Elleppe. I ‘eb ‘t ~ ‘ewwe I have experienced

Elmplanter Half or whole loaf of bread, cut lengthwise.

Emd. who ‘eb his last ~also nag ‘iet an – it will come

And. Ai ken gien dead~ the steert He has no strength for anything.

oit’ale – End of work Savory bite

English servant. Ai runs as a ~ Someone walking stately

English kole. Ai runs out ~ Someone who advances slowly (literally)

Ennestrongd. In the ~ verzoipe bad end up

Epikt and ‘edrêve Ready to travel, pontifically dressed; neat

Eremait Stingy. Also hermit

Honorific Shabby, cramped

Honoree to perewer. From ~ From A to Z.

Erist. He is~ He died

Errection. With a ~ With an intention.

Esplayed. Den am I ~ then you are helped by it, but also: then I am the dupe of it.

Ete. Deer is nagal wat ~ an ‘t aai there is a lot of work Eveliens ‘t Zelfde.

Evende. All morning ewwe still gien ~First wait how it turns out.

Ewegat. from ~ to zalehole from eternity to bliss

Ewôore become

Ezâan. Et wier ~ it was said

Donkey. Our dear ‘eers ~ Dead good someone.


Fasol Form. Comes from French and means “makery”

Fasol in. There is gien ‘t State not; there is no cut in it.

Fasol. oit them ~. Out of his decency/model.

Feesie Face

Ferwiel Velvet.

Figelansy Covetousness, preying on something

Figelant Carriage.

Figelere Begeren; strong desire

Flaiwel. ‘t ~ It will be

Flank. That fell into your ~ That was grist for the mill

Faint, Fleeuwte Out West. Faint

Fleeuw Without Salt. But also: craving a savory bite;

Fleke. Blaif it with your ~ of it! Hands (fingers) in an unfavorable sense. Flenter Klap.

Flongerforecourt in a barge, big mess

Flort. an the ~ out and about

Florte Almost never home; aimless walking.

Florte going out

Fnarsies Extravagances; New gadgets; Of all things.

Fneerze Snort of anger; also of cat (blowing).

Fnieze Niezen.

Fnoikie Small piece (usually something tasty).

Fnoikie, ‘n ~ salt ‘n pinch of salt.

Foeterezere Shopping (corruption of foraging).

Foike skâawe checking the nets Fok. ‘ai is lêlek for the ~ ‘ezâald He got off badly.

Fokfâat. I ‘eb the ~ I understand. I have mastered it

Fotsie Cigarette butt

Fransies Kadetjes.

Frok Sweater (fisherman)

Fronte Make Frats Sell.


Gal Kwal. slimy

Galling Merry, elated

Gangais. ’tis whether et ‘n ~ freezing It looks like it’s freezing really hard

Garrenal. An ~ ep Also a head A small person with lots of talk Garribaldi Bowler hat

Gate der nagele deerkaike the seam of the stocking want to know

Gate Bin Colander

Gatepetiel Colander. “Flatware hole container on 3 legs with 2 handles. Mostly green / brown”

Gebroesel Questionable people. Also: family

Gêelte blakte of the sea.

Gelde. If it’s about a ~, den goes on a skelde When it comes to money, you get into arguments. (e.g., inheritance)

Gelegentat rises There will be strong winds

Geliens I say Equal I say

Genge. Not too ~ Heavy, not lifting

Geniens Disagree

Enjoyed. ‘ai is ‘iet to ~ he is not to be enjoyed, very cranky

Gerak. Your ~ kragge Getting enough, getting enough.

Gèring offthe bobbin Doing useless work.

RISKED Resolute

Scandalized Touched. Fooled.

Gestoet Family

Custom visit

Face. at the end of the day you’ll see strange ~ End of the world (you’ll be weirdly surprised

Gezongd’ad Lap flannel for back support (corset), was worn by men

Swam bai the rêep Many crowds, many people

Giemeer No More

Having Gien groisie in d’r ploisie Behind the elbows.

Gienien Nobody

Gil Mul (from sand) (pronunciation between gil and gul)

Glaai Natural entrance in the dunes

Glaauwe Peeping

Glaze Windows

Glisse Slipping

Gloppie/gloopie Wild path in the dunes; also narrow alley.

Gnappies (gnap) Neat

Gniepe Squeezing, hurting other in a sneaky way

Sneered sneakily

Gnoffele chuckle, inside fun

Gnokke Acquiring; looking something out of someone’s mouth

Gnorpoon (grunt) grumbler

Gnorre Grumbling

God zel me lazere Power term, curse

God. Goes with ~ and zêve stoivers, then éje the zêge and râasgeld mêe – Bon voyage

Gof push, uppercut

Gof. Too ~ to pennant Hasty, quick, but not neat

Goite tears shed

Gome Strong desire to possess something; lurking on something;

Googling Gymnastic tricks

Gor/gorder junk pot

Belt rôos. ‘êje ~ mekind? Den mot je ‘n koerdoiffie nême! They used to believe that if they kept a pigeon, it helped well against shingles. People rubbed a cow pigeon along the face because they thought it would cure it.

Gorre Ungainly playing a musical instrument; ditto on a rumble pot

Gorrelegoed people, who are poorly known, but also: garbage

Dig Short square shovel for digging

Graaie Schreien, crying

Graaikissie Box with div. items: shaving stuff, sewing stuff

Grab bag Bag Bag with buttons and yarn, which sailors took on board

Graveel Kidney stones o.i.d.

Greenpetter Gamekeeper

Groffie Bread(board)

Greedy very eager to want, eager

Grôom entrails of a fish, fish waste

Grôomkoil Pit for fish waste

Grôomskeer. They lope around the ~ Being sent from pillar to post

Gruesome Gruesome; good, Violent

Gul Mul; Rul sand; young cod; goedgeefs

I and J

Iefie. You’ll find ~ and afie There’s all kinds of junk lying around.

Iele. Searching the ~ out of the full Sorting, taking out usable fish Ien toet mem (French= toutmême) The same.

Ién’angder Thick sandwich.

Ienlek Lonely

Ierik. To ~ and to sierik lope Visiting all kinds of places.

Iete. How would he ~? What would he be called?

Ifterig Being shivery. Facing the flu

In’t werdan. Being far away. Was used in fishing

Inbresse The collapse of sand

Indoffe Wrinkling of fabric; moistening of ironing materials

Indoffer Stump.

Intervalje Unexpected, untimely visit from more than one person.

Ips weight a long way away


Jan. The ~ oit’ange Acting big.

Jirrekie. I’m on me ~

nêe boite ‘ewêest – I went outside without a coat

Jissing. A Big, continuous wave that surprises you with bad weather

Young. From the ~ ezet wêze Being perplexed. Joor Balorig, raging

Jorte scratching, itching


Kaai Petite; shy (child who likes to be coddled).

Cape. An the Goodbye.

Kâauwe als ‘n bok op marbles kieskauwen Kâauwtje Koeltje

Kâauwe flame Fog, sea vapor.

Kabbelaan Chaplain.

Kagie. sphere ~ soft rusk, stale cookie

Kaigelstien Pebble.

Káká Unsalted dried plaice; dried kraatjes; (plaice – dab)

Kakbôodskip Sending an excuse to someone to find out something.

Kak’iel Broken heel.

Cack-handedness Having notes on your vocals, Kapsones

Kakkelores Glee, cheerful person

Kalansie or kelansie Fine, voucher.

Kalebasse Bickering (marbles)

Kalekedot Newly hatched bird

Jug, Ièn ~ 1 Liter

Kángkele Tilting (going askew)

Kapelmanskrochie Land of Klaas Kuiper, Oldenborgweg 2;

Cap Straw hat with flap (worn by women and children)

Capitol Wrap

Karremezâan. Mit me ‘ele ~ blôot legge – having to say everything to e.g. get an allowance

Kassiesventer peddler by the door, hawker Kat. ‘n ~ comes ‘n graat to give a tip, a reward Catty Hot-tempered, irritable

Kêe Borstlap

Kêel. Mit ‘t krois in me ~ I swear it

Kêep ‘âawe – âaw kêep Holding on, persevering.

Kêeuwe Not being able to get behind his breath, having breathlessness. Also: disgruntled whining

Kegge (the sun is kegge) the sun is burning Keigelstien Pebblestone

Kekierdere/ketêerdere Now look here/look there now.

Basement stale air

Kellekie shot glass

Kerrefie Bird Cage/Basket

Kerremekieke complaining

Kerreve. ‘ai runs about ~ and clampe ‘one – nothing stops him

Curry. Ai ‘eb er ‘n ~ an A heavy load. Curry (eng: to carry) = to carry,

Kersoifeltje, kezoiveltje Jacket, mantle. Chasuble

Ketaaipop Taaitaaipop.

Kêteltjesvolder/filler Man who does housework, someone who does know what a kilo of sugar costs

Keel in pants Crotch in pants.

Tickling Kieleke

Kier Iron pin, for securing e.g. a goat.

Skinner Cap (headgear)

Child ôover ‘t veld Child of unmarried mother. Child. ‘n dôod ~mit ‘n lam ankie it will probably come to nothing Kinnebakkie Hat with ties.

Kippedriffie quick dribble step Kippedriffie, who also wôt in ‘n ~ Small house.

Kippeskôol Kindergarten

Kisse Bed Pillow.

Kittelejacht Adherence of children

Kittelekoen. Jan ~ Boy with girlish ways; man who does women’s work; meddlesome person

Kittelikkertje Small dog, radiator brush.

Klage and klieme Very complaining.

Klaks Suddenly, unexpectedly.

Klapskêet, om de ~ Every so often.

Klêef. Cent ‘n ~ Half melted sour or licorice. Klêer as a leg’en (leghen) A ~ Having a high red color.

Cline Anchor with four blades, legs (kind of treble)

Cline hole Hole in a barge due to bumping on a cline, vault hole (in front of logger)

Kliskniene X-legs, weak knees

Kloen(tje) Tangle

Kloentje vollegt de drêed. ‘t ~ Everything takes care of itself. It will be fine Gorge Block. As deaf as a ~ Being very deaf.

Klôoteboere Throwing game with stones.

Kloppies anduweloi. Ai fooled ~ Praising someone and not meaning anything about it

Bobbin Snow under the clogs?

Knainspadje Game Trail.

Knake lete vrete. You ~ Letting you lay down the law.

Knar marble

Knéérsdoimele To inflict bodily harm on someone, to do harm, to sneeze, to pinch meanly

Knekkele Knobbing, riddle game

Knees knees.

Knee and kneê water. Lope to ~ Searching in vain for something or someone.

Button. Beautiful. blâauwe ~ large ripe blackberries Knotdoiker Small someone.

knurrefie (sausage) small piece (sausage)

Hunchback. on ‘n ~ on a trot

Koek’akke His way.

Courage Daring, guts, endurance. (Coming from the French: courage = bravery.)

Koereke sleeping

Koes Bedstead for one person. Also: buttermilk with potatoes.

Koesietemie gâan Going to bed. (Comes from the French: se coucher = to sleep)

Suitcase towel / mourning towel

Koke ‘edeen. As ’tis run out, ’tis ~ Where there is nothing, there is nothing to get. Run out is up.

Kokernêet Coconut.

Kokka Dried fish, plaice.

Kokketas, that’s a ~ That’s not much, little bit, nickname of someone.

Kolk Hole in the fire pit.

Kolle. I don ‘t know ~ I can ‘t be quicker (witch) (Kol = witch)

Come overmerrege from height, kapsones

Kondewiedeboekie A booklet (mil. service) in which everything, concerning a particular person, is written down

Kongkie Cap of Bread.

Kongt. Ai you don’t loistert, zelle main ‘angde and jow ~ maâi aâuwe! Spanking

Kongt. One ~ as n pakmangd One fat behind Konkelefoeze Secretive talk, slurs

Konkelpot Kettle.

Kooche. Tege te ~ With reluctance.

Coocht of it. He gags from it.

Kôol. dove ~ Glammed briquette. (A smoldering briquette, capped with ash)). Is also said of someone in old age

Kôopie oit the death house. A ~ Buying something that turns out to be worth less,

than you paid for it. Worthless purchase

Kôoreep Turnip.

Koôstere Satisfied sounds of a baby.

Kôot. they stane you to ~ Knowing better, like e.g. children standing up to their parents

Kôotjongen thuis legge, For ~ For bacon and beans, having nothing to say. Being a root boy at home.

Cup 1 liter

Copper. The ’emel weed ~ Used when someone swears harshly. Becoming enraged

Kopere ha’nies, ‘n barge with ~ Being of age.

Kôperegs. Et mot ‘iet ~ smake He does like something (a sip) but preferably without paying.

Cup and bakkie Cup and saucer

Koppie. Doing a ~ Drinking Coffee.

Koppies’taid Coffee Time.

Koptebitter 500 gr. cream butter (in cylindrical container)

Kortgeering Type of rope.

Kóvel (trunk) Flared hat.

Crow esie Surprise, was taken when one had been e.g. to the market or “out”. Usually this meant something sweet.

Kraat Salted dried plaice that was then boiled again.

Krame om kenne. For the~ Well-dressed

Crass about something Speaking with praise about something, boasting

Crate Seat on wagon

Krat’anger The fifth wheel on the wagon

Krêeuwe Sewing, adjusting sewing.

Doing small chores, frugality.

Krêew strange female

Krek neveliens (krek eveliens) Exactly the same thing

Manger. From the ~ to et krois From the cradle to the grave.

Bantam Small carrier basket; small potato

Kriel oit a dekskâal eb wain oit ‘n ôren

Lett: Getting something cheap from an expensive service. Fig: That’s like a flag on a mudslide.

Shrinkable Very economical

Kroe shrimp net (push net)

Kroft- krocht Height or field near the dunes (small dunes near Klaas Kuiper)

Kroije medicines, herbs

Kroije using a special net to catch shrimp

Krois. I know et ~ zahn de doivel Having a bad experience with something Kroisebâaie Gooseberries

Kroke sitting by the stove warming up

Coil Hat

Kroplap Borstlap (borstlap is the one, who with akebake, stood against the wall)

Kroikie of the widow of Sarafat Prosperity (it can’t be beat) Kwaaiachterklap criticizing behind someone’s back

kwaatoeval. Boite ~ Outside evil coincidence = if nothing intervenes, it continues.

Kwabeledig’ád Kwajonstrokes

Kwakkwirikum a place far away

Kwalek worre Becoming nauseous

Kwanete krake schimps

Kwanshois tersluiks

Quar hastily

Quatte. Ammaar zitte ~ Aldoor contradicting

Quavermonsion Distrust, evil suspicion

Kwêeltje. Gien~ No cloud

Kwêewik Whine

Kwessie (‘ai wanted metien ‘n ~) quarrel (he wanted to quarrel right away) Kwingkwanker Idler with a high opinion of his own, annoying person

Wagging Paint, touching it up a bit with paint


Labbing are. An’ t ~ Being in bad shape. At the end of his powers.

Laifslove effort, hard work

Laike fingers turnip

Laimer (Slaimer?) Jellyfish with reticulated threads.

Lait. Ai ~ He puts

Lacquer on ‘leather False semblance.

Lamp. Wai don’t come ‘oger as the~


Langdganger. ‘n loie ~ lazy person

Lance, lansie Friend, acquaintance, comrade

Laploerie bread spread (unflavored), cheese

Lapswans Coward.

Lazeres (animal) Terrible (dur.).

Lazerusklap Ratchet for lepers. (Lazarus was a leper from the Bible. Also: type of shell.

Lede. Onger his ~ ewwe. Having a disease among the members. Lêet, lete late, let

Leg’en. ‘n kleer as ‘n ~ have a high red, color

Leke Leaving laundry to dry by the stove. (leke is related to leaking).

Lemaite, Oit de ~, oit de lille of the koete, to be in a good place, not to be in the way

Loan breaker work rack Hazardous work.

Lendeskot Spit (in the back).

Lenger auwe. An de ~ On the line.

Longer Something eager to have Length. Do you know the ~ mâar ale Can you just make it in time

Lessie A leftover, leftover food from the previous day.

Lêve. Ai ep ‘n ~ as ‘n lois on a very ‘oofd Having a very good life.

Liver and cow money Windfall for fishermen

Lich’ie. Ienpit ~ 1 Burner Petroleum Stove

Light nêe. ‘t ~ it smells like ……

Liddere tremble, tremble

Winch barrel organ

Liester lustre, type of fabric

Liesterse. Ien ~ boezel An apron for neat

Lick me vest. Et is ~ It is worthless

Lick. A ~ for his ear turn around his ears

Lille van de koete. Oit ‘t ~ (coot = seabird)

Retreating from the hustle and bustle.

Lippe. Aâw you ~ Exclamation: be still

Lippe. eating that ate ~ and kêele Vis (the cheeks and lips). This used to be a delicacy.

Lochter large mug for coffee or tea

Lode. I zel ‘t first erre of the ~ lete lope I’ll first vent my heart

Lofty Jealous.

Loefgier. I’m nag ~ on ‘n gâat – Someone who can’t poop. (Even being jealous of a goat)

Loereg again frost expected

Loereke slumbering or sleeping of a child

Loese Slumbering or sleeping of a child

Loi People

Loike Blinds for the window

Loimpie clearance

Loimpie lee; in his knoll garden

Loiperd Person you can’t depend on, variable behavior

Loipig almost windless

Lois. as ‘n ~ on ‘n teerton not moving forward

Lois’arrek luizekam. to person

Loize. ‘ai lie thatte the ~on his head krake

Loize. Je komme van de ~ in de nête – he lies that he bursts, From the rain into the drizzle come.

Lead skave order

Praise Moe.

Lôog nag liem Neither smell nor taste.

Lôog. Geniens de ~ te misse ewwe- Having nothing to miss, covetous.

Looi wêze Being lazy.

Lopie Hike, in jest.

Lowstoffertje Little man, straggler


Mâad maid, girl

Mâadje, his ~ His fiancée.

Mal Jan Gekkerd. Friendly intent.

Mal or angry. Ai is ~ Someone with a highly variable temper

Mal out and simple tois At home annoying but outside the door a nice person

Maltentious Posturing, Exaggerated

Mankelic worre get slight complaints, crabby

Manne. I don’t know ~ I can’t handle it

Marsiesman: Venter by the door

Mast. For the ~ zitte Having scooped up too much food.

Massie. Each zâalt z’âge ~ overboard Each takes care of himself

Mal. Tisse ~en vroed Between hanging and strangling (in puberty)

Mêeke gently simmered against the boil

Mêersmoimele meesmuilen

Mêeste. Ai lays to ~ He lies down after a meal with lots of food and drink

Mekekek whining

Mem mother

Mengele 4 liters

Mengele. A ~ pants and a pint bille – A little man with too big pants. Someone with a high self-esteem

Merreke Embroidery.

Knife. Et is bai ‘t ~ or It can only just

Fattening Mashed potatoes with legumes and potatoes.

Having Miers Trek (desire) in something savory.

Mig yellow swarming (it is swarming with people)

Mik In the mik, in the middle (sled).

Miss Manure.

Mis’ok Corner in the garden for manure.

Altar boy Altar boy.

Misdreger Someone with a carry basket of manure on his back. (usually with cart); Altar Server.

Misdowweld. I wier ~ I was passed over, shortchanged

Misverk Manure Fork.

Courage. I am ~ I am tired

Swamp eaterrey mother eater

Moi Mui. Stream to sea between two banks.

Moil Shoe with open heel

Moitere, Moite Grumbling

Moizekongte. Oge as ~ Keeping an eye on everything Mongd. ‘n âawte spoons-~ a pinched mouth, lips together

Mongd. snappy ~ talkative

Mongd. his ~ gâat like a lazeresklap

someone who talks at a stretch

Mongdjap Talker. Chatty

Mongt. Ai ‘eb a ~ as snoot and skittel – Looking grumpy.

Monkele Cozy chat over a cup of tea or coffee with a sweet.

Monkie. Cost nêe ‘t ~ good food, also to be used figuratively Monkie. ‘n benêpe/zoinig ~ constricted mouth, lips together Môorde Working under harsh conditions

Môorde and wirreme Doing heavy work.

Spillage Dirty, dirty.

Moss on his stêert. Ai ‘eb ~: imagining a lot Mus.

Mosque. Aauwe ~ pikke zellef Saving yourself. Being independent. Mustard Dôop Mustard Sauce.

Muzig. She is so ~ iet She doesn’t let herself be trifled with.


Nâawte. From ~ comes grâawte Being tight on money and getting irritated because of it

Nâauw. ‘t loit~ It comes right down to it.

Nachtringkingker Nachtbraker

Naggeres One More Time

Naid. Blunting his ~oittoile Drift, aggression

Naipnêers Krenterig someone

Naitele. Pain

Wet skiere with sand sanding (from e.g. tiles)

Nêekepietje Borrel glass without a foot. Was stabbed into the ground with the stem.

Nêeld oge Thread through the eye of the needle.

Nêersgatoog schele (swear word) Nêersig. Et is bai cat and ~ or It can just

Nêes. To put a pêen on his ~ To lecture someone vigorously.


Nêest Next to

Nêet lice egg

Nêet’oor ‘n Deugniet, Cocky person

Nêetebalg, nêetekwab Fool, (in a good-natured sense)

Nêete balls Chocolate with peanuts

Nêetekwab Syrup candy with nuts; swear word

Nêgerball Drop ball, tease

Nêgere Bullying

Nering. ‘Tis an enticing ~ it is very tempting Nessie Dirt, bedside

Nessie. ‘t ~ oit’ale have an advantage / disadvantage

Nête. Are you not in the ~, den you are in the loize. – If you don’t have one then you don’t have the other

Nêtek comb lice comb

Nierep. The new ~ Imagined person on sacrament day; legendary figure. ( sort of St. Nicholas). Children received candy etc. from him. This day was celebrated on the Thursday between the 1st and 2nd Sundays after Pentecost. After WW2, the use went into decline. According to connoisseurs, a typical Derreper folk custom: “He came on raisies day and if you put raisies in your olsters, there were sweets underneath later.”

Ninne Drinking (for small children)

Noizig Cozy, Secure, fun naughty.

Noizig. Ie, ‘oe ~ Oh, how cozy, nice

Ridge Hik

Nôoie. To ~ come to pay ‘t Gelag, to end up badly

Nôorderpoort. At his ~ Having a good time

Noppie. Om ‘n ~ gâan Taking an afternoon nap


Oedje. Put a lichteg ~ on a zêer óofd – In worrying about it make the best of it

Oekazie ewwe- okasie Being in opportunity, Having time. (Comes from French: occasion = occasion)

Oeleke Which? What for?

Oetele To be busy in an awkward way; to be caring. Rummaging; scratching

Or ‘ekâakt Exhausted, tired, jaded

Ofbôot kragge Afbericht krijgen

Ofdôoie Afbetalen

Ofdrôge Pack of rams.

Ofeltje- ôofeltje. Gien ~ Nothing at all; very little;

Offerdan g6to Going out there

Offie.’t’s ~ ‘n Whole Job; not nice work

Oflegge. Et ~ being exhausted

Ofmake Shooting

Ofnokke stop

Ofsnaidje. ‘n ~ Food. What was left over after the herring harvest was distributed to the crew at one of the sailors’ homes. Each came there with a pillowcase, for peas, beans, etc.

Ofteg Often

Ofwerrek. ‘n Endje ~ Savory snack; piece of meat; (sandwich filling).

Ofzakke Falling asleep

Ofzac Last or second last drink

Oge dage, ‘oge winde Storm during holidays. Has happened many times in history.

Oije. Being as silly as an ôi-young fool

Ois. Your ~ stâat also but in the rêge – You are nothing better than others

Oisie. ‘t ~/ the john The W.C.

Oisie. ‘t ~ bai ‘t skiertje lete don’t want too much at once; keep measure

Oit ‘e pottereteerd Taken in the picture

Oit and ter nêe out and ter na

Oit’ael ewwe Indulging oneself

Oit’âhnig Exuberant, extravagant

Oit’eems doing Strange doing; different from what is normally done

Oit’elepeld exhausted

Oitklôke Uithoren

Oitlokke provoke

Oitrais. óor you iet from the ~, den ‘oor you from the toisrais – Sooner or later you’ll find out

Oitzakke Resting

Okes. Not ~; well okes. Not true! True

Olleer (~ for mass) Fine roughage (for manure) Ollem. ai/zai krag ~ in the mollem he / she gets imagination Olsters Clogs

Undôgend mischievous

Ongd. A Bakkemer ~ a hebberd Discomfort. Stikkie (or êndje) ~ Piece of tough meat

Onger, I ‘ad zow’n ~, the lining ‘ing oit my oge – Being terribly hungry

Unsullied Lower/last

Ungentlemanly Unrepentant.

Ongermission Hat worn under a trumpet

Inequitable teaching

Onkie . ‘t ~ is the gate oit Getting angry

Ontknatele- ontgniffele Secretly taking away something

Oôh. I was in a ~ I had a bad dream; Spinning around in a circle (fig.).

Oop stoops Suddenly

War Chicken. ‘n ~ ken zâal take a very long time to pack everything for a trip

Oorn friends bosom friends

Oôtje Opoe, grandma/ patch with circular figures.

On ‘eskole Tucked away, tucked away

On or d’rop Run or stand still

Opraize Rising

Opdiggele. Your aige ~ Making yourself beautiful

Advance make Advance, advance

Operoimd Resolved

Operôot. Et is ~ It is cleaned up

Flip up Sailing against wind and water, exaggerating, boasting

Winding up in a tangle

Reviving, uplifting

Oppai Day!

Opperateer Arsonist / seditionist

Oppertje lee

Oproie Stoking; incitement

Opsalle delivery from piece to piece checking

Opsternate Evil, obstinate

Opstoepe -opstoke Opjutten, stirring up

Opstrope Running into the light; paying the price (fig.); ending up unhappy

Optoige dressing up, making up

Orémus Spectacle, argument. (Is derived from a Latin prayer: Let us pray.)

Orémus. ‘t wier ~ there came a quarrel

Organ. With ‘t ~ ewonne, with the whistle devoured – Quickly earned and equally quickly spent

Ort. The ~ on The street, going away

Os Straight piece to dune, calved off

About the bien After giving birth, walking around again

Over’eesd Overeaten

Overbirth Healing

Overlope One who goes to herring fishing

Overlooper Strong east wind; ship that sailed with the wind to England. Also deserter

Superior. bowl ~ A lot of imagination, guts; being taken with oneself

Excessive About; too much

Overprotective Infectious

Fanfare. ‘K ‘eb ~ I have visitors

Gain To have a child; To have something added to the existing something.


Pâadje. My ~ opkorte Going home Pâaiemente. Doing everything in ~ Doing everything in parts Pâaskoe. ‘n head as ‘n ~ a thick head

Painster Pentecost

Painster wind Hard northeast wind in spring

Pallementasia. In the ~ To be liked, to fall into the favor of the family.

Pampôsig’ad; brambozig’ad Madness; vice Pan. Jai brings the ~ tois you have the solution

Pangkoek Pancake

Pangkoekspan Frying pan

Pan seared fish heads that were fried. Was eaten with potatoes

Pannetje loip ‘t spear ?

Pardaf Pardoes, suddenly

Parkemassies Talks; haircuts

Parrelesant Representative

Partefoe. Man of ~ Important someone (want to look like)?

Passions Just like that, just now

Pêerd. It comes to ~and it goes on foot

Pêerd. You know a dôod ~ not too firmly binding something (e.g. illness) can come quickly and go away slowly

You can’t be precise, careful enough; you can do whatever you want with it

Pêerdeflenel. ‘n ~ A sturdy girl

Pêerdegeeuw Big yawn

Pêers’oofd. You sit for et ~ Having scooped up too much food Pêerd ‘t~ Supporting the drálingen;

Pêeswais Mastering the first principles

Pêet (Nêeltje Pêet) Aunt (Aunt Neel)

Pêeuwe Crying; whiny complaining

Péling Peluw

Pensive Tricky; cranky

Pepier. Ai is from ~ He is not strong.

Peppe Shoes

Percêel Part, piece, meal, time.

Permetasy favor

Persêle Portions

Persôon. Who ~ Her fiancé (to third parties)

Pet water He is as bad as pet water (= cistern water)

Beep Cold hands warm to e.g. mother’s warm hands

Beep. Booi is master and ~ is boss – There is no authority. Compare: when the cat is away from home …

Playing squeaky mouse kind of cat and mouse game

Pier Pure

Pieterlui drôpe Catching with rope and hook?

Pille Chicks, cocks

Pilledôoier Heavy hailstorm; a drink

Pindrêed Barbed Wire

Pinetasy penance

Pinkie stêke truancy

Pint Just over half a liter

Pint. Who is in the ~ of ellefe blaive stêke -Someone simple, less developed. Also: unable to continue due to some cause.

Pippie A little bit; a drink

Pisspot. In the ~’ewosse and for ‘ennegat ‘ edried – a gore wash

Pispots of field horn flowers (white flowers from the dune)

Pissebet verlore, kakkebet verkore From shore to ditch Plâas Street for door, place

Platloissie Small bottle of liquor in pocket

Plêet. I ‘m not planning to spêle Simon ~ – Not planning to ask anything please. (French: s’il vous plaît)

Peering Peering, intently watching

Pôd Pad (reptile); snot (dried up)

Poddevilder Blunt knife

Poddig brâamt semi-ripe blackberries

Poe’a. ‘n ‘oop ~and ‘n skip with ungerroim – Lots of kapsones but little substance

Poepekôol Kale

Poopy wind Southeast wind (is the turk afraid of), unexpectedly shot out to the southwest and increased in strength

Poeste Polishing

Poester baked potato (was prepared on the stove)

Furious Furious; ascending; adrift

Poewee Lef

Poin. an broken

Pôon, gnorpôon, grunt Fish; stiff-headed (headstrong child); spiteful person

Pôot, ‘k éb pain in m’n ~ Pain in my forehead (the pronunciation: the oo in poot long on)

Porcupine transverse head, rigid head, transverse head

Posbieltje or postas Bag on underpants;

Poscentje Spaarduitje

Posdaatjes Spaarduitjes

Possak Savings Bag

Pot’eer Litter hairs; roughness

Pôte. Bait, lick me the ~ Taking the hare.

Pôting Jan in the bag. A pudding cooked in a bag of flour, eggs and water or milk

Potte cabinet Serving cabinet

Talker of skorel Someone who says a lot

Prâauw injury

Prâauw eb, prâauw aauw Never get out of care or sickness; Being born for misfortune; unlucky person

Prachttai Favorable tide. Good time to make hay.

Pralle bestelle Extra shopping for a big party.

Prêes. Ash You’re set, on roses. Also a quiet person. Preesie used to have a water and fire shop

Proim Tobacco for chewing

Proim. Ai says gien ~ têge a mangd vol – He says little

Prokus evil

Prol, Prosse Boasting, boasting

Puf Fish waste; fish meal


Râast. Who seldom ~ that smart his hole – Who seldom travels, is often unlucky

Rebat A surplus

Rebat. about ‘t ~ ‘êen gooie Ver throw away.

Ragge Shifting back and forth on a chair

Raik stik sphere earn well

Raisies Ricewood (low scrub). Was laid out on New Nierep Day. This was then exchanged by elderly people for sweets.

Raisie counter Krentery someone

Rampelesant Deputy (including in the Navy, those with money could buy out)

Râpe. No benne the ~ gâar the boat is on

Rotten. The ~ legge dôod for the closet – There is nothing to get

Straight’a As it should be; not bigger, smaller, prettier than …

Court Countertop

Redâas Canopy.

Redais Radish

Redees ‘t Go lubricated/ fast work

Redikuultje (riddekieltje) Bag with a laced string

Redit. On ~ going out without a fixed goal

Rêetwêet Stubborn person, someone who always thinks they know better.

Reg. Someone bai the ~ op’ale Talking about someone

Rule A bread baked in a special way

Rege water cap Rainwater well.

Rêring Cosy bustle, hustle and bustle

Revenié. Gien No Penny. Not a penny of benefit

Riebel Rilling?

Riempie (riempie an lai) With a stick; Walking with a stick; (fig.) Setting something aside for bad times?

Reed Choir. skinny as a ~ as skinny as a lath

Rif raf Inappropriate kind of human (comes from English) bad people

Railokkie Elevator

Raist with a brêetje Rice pudding with fried fish

Tinkle Rattle

Rintinnik. The ~ on. Go away, grease him

Hissy Busy (of manners), zealous.

Rôde (of peeps). Good ‘erôon Grubbing (of potatoes). Good grubbing.

Rusty guesses; treasures

Roffelskeer. The ~ erdeer ‘ale Hurriedly proceeding

Roffie ‘n half bun = clot (sajet)? ball of wool

Rog. There’s no ~ in the sea that looks no me and a flea has but one eye He who walks fast doesn’t see it and he who stands still doesn’t notice it

Roitepier / roitepetor May beetle; June beetle

Roifele Hurry up; make haste

Roifele, Nou mot je ~ aars eb je ‘t neestrangd – Now you must hurry or someone will be ahead of you on beach with jutten.

Ruddy Dead marram grass

Roiterére Have to get out of your place; make room

Smoky. A klaân ~ A little while,

Rumble, dabble, slowly but surely

Róóóf Crust on wound

Red. Mit mekaar kenne ~ getting along well Rooinek Englishman

Rooit. It ~ looks like It looks like

Roppe Gathering (from a hole in a sock, but also from a hole in the net)

Rore rocking back and forth in pain; also with baby

Rosbaaier Wild, witty boy

Rove. ‘ai ‘eb alleaar ~ to his face he has vitamin deficiency = childhood disease

Rowsicle fall wind


Sait an Naast

Saisieslaimer Slijmerd

Sarrekatjes (sitting on his sarrekatjes) With two legs on one side on bicycle or shell cart

Sasseblood. ‘t Gaat van~ It goes from a tight purse Schorrelebonk, Op de ~ Without a fixed goal out there

Sekierig’ad Certainty, secure

Sekraai Chicory

Selètje Square sweet candy (ulevel)

Siem. Me ~ antrekke put on my dress

Sillefakke ‘a gâan Slow, laborious walking ahead – e.g. after illness(from Scandinavian cross-country skiing)

Sinnewassie. Da’s gien ~ That’s not easy.

Stouter Centipede

Sisserendere (that does sizzle) lull (that does get lulled) Sjamberloek Long robe with cord

Sjower Bui (from English)

Skait. ‘ai ~ íet for elleve He is stingy. Also: he looks the cat out of the tree first

Skait. Ai eb ~ an dronke nâadje. He doesn’t care about anything. Skaitdaalder Dateel

Skaloos. I ‘eb a bed ~ stâan Reserve, behind the hand. I have a bed behind me.

Roomless Haveless, careless, neglectful

Skampeljoentje Pattern of a garment (template)

Skarremossele Frolicking of boys and girls?

Skaveless Haveless

Skêelefoogies Pansies (flower)

Skêep. Dress well, aars ~ you the dôod in – Dress well, otherwise you will get very sick.

Skêet nag dreed lête hore. nothing more to be heard Skêet. Ai zâhn ~ nag drêet He said nothing at all Skelling 30 cents

Skêtegat Type of ray; small fish

Skeviele Getting started with something

Skiewer pauper

Skillep Shell

Skilleper Shell Fisherman

Skittel cloth Tea towel, dishcloth

Skittele Vateware

Skitteltje Bowl, saucer

Skoeie. You ~ Dressing Yourself.

Skoere Shoulders

Skoere. With oge ~ zitte Lett: With shoulders raised

sitting. Fearing something bad.

Skoifieslope on other people’s pockets

Skoifiesloper Profiteur

Skoilewinkie Hide and Seek

Skoit. Et wangd bai de ~ aauwe Pay attention and be careful that one and all goes well.

Skoitestik Rusk with butter, cheese and rye bread;

Skolleper unfertilized egg

Skommeles drop Laurel drop

Skoim’ale Sucking up the foam of the skommeles (licorice) water.

Skommeleswater Bottle of water in which, by shaking, laurel liquorice is dissolved

Skompes ete Eating too much

Skône skêpe vange gien ‘ering Dirty pigs don’t get fat Skôon. As ~ as the sun Terribly clean

Skoor. Good ~ Good value, good material

Skoppel Swing

Skorre. Good ête, then ‘eje good – Good food, that will make you firm

Skorrelebonk, Op ~ Going out on a good note.

Skôrt. Who ~, who seeks If you want something, you have to do it yourself.

Skot. Lumbar~ Spit in the back

Skot. Mit grof ~ beginne Going on the attack (verbal) Skou. I ~ you where I warn you

Skraapt. Who ~ everything in his nest Who picks up everything

Skraiers Corner. On ~ zitte Getting in the way.

Skriebel No hefty person; petite Skrieuw. Even gien cent for the ~ Nothing at all

Skrobbe; Jorte; skrowe Jeuken

Skroke Searing by the stove

Skrôotje. Extending a ~ anzette Clothing.

Battle of’t zêetje surf

Stroke. I krag gien ~ of the silent I can’t get a word in between Slêetje Worn, thin spot in fabric

Slepie mellek ‘n Half liter of milk

Slikkertonge Seeing another eat and getting hungry yourself, mouth watering

Smart. Et is so ~ iet It is not so bad.

Smart. Et is ~ ‘oor It is serious.

Smart. Kaik oe ~ Pay attention! Watch out!

Slo an Slow. (Comes from English: slow on.)

Slof Forgetful

Sloifie Protective cap for sore finger or thumb, herring jaw knife

Slip rope. Pushing someone off a ~ geve Unwanted figure; Getting rid of someone with an excuse

Slokkie Glass drink

Smêesie Unexpected benefit; extra above pay; windfall

Smoigele Acting secretly, smuggling

Snâaie Sweets

Snâar Sister-in-law

Snappert Prater; wisecracking

Snêes Zootje fish (20 plaice or whiting, a dozen) also stingy

Snêvel. Without a stôot or ~ Without a stôot

Snoiter. boy, snout

Snorre Begging, begging in disguise

Snot and kwail grâaie Snotting about nothing.

Sugai Coffee syrup, chicory

Sock Sucking

Sop Stale bread with milk (porridge)

Sor kind of gravy with vinegar. acid baptism

Bacon and vlêes an je laif Warm clothes

Bacon, I feel as spoge ~ I feel very lousy, very tired Bacon. Ai ‘eb ~ an mai toe Sufficient to stay alive Bacon’oed Bulb hat

Bacon. Den bèje ~ then you are still lucky

Bacon’ok Cell for a drunkard

Pungent. ‘t spear or Fel of color. Those colors clash.

Muscle. Altaid in ~ Always on the move

Speckle. Ai ‘eb er the ~ in it He takes pleasure in it.

Pivot. What ‘eb I have a What ‘eb I have a burden

Spill ‘ale Shopping

Splis’orens. ‘t rêgent ~ raining very hard

Rinse bowl Washing up bowl

Spok Many together (e.g., spok gulls)

Spor Spoor; imprint of a paw or foot

Spôwe Spitting

Sprage Basking in the sun

Sprenge Sprinkling

Sprinkle Game Clamp

Sprôos, sprôse lippe Sparse (v. skin). chapped lips City. Gien blaivende ~ ewwe Having no rest

Staff Forgetful

Stail eye ulcer on the eyelid

Staipertje Small herring, is used in setting snares, snare wood

Staivelestor Dung beetle

Stakele. A lichie ~ Lighting a lamp (kindle in kindle pot (filled with petroleum?)

Stable Busy, noisy;

Stangwais. Ai zit z’n aige ~te lere Wezenloos. He teaches himself over the head. Stench and fun. Ai ‘eb ~ He has imagination

Stêe ewwe have job in sea fishing

Stee. Are you dêer or ~ Have you been somewhere?

Stêe/stêetje Place; relation; seat in the church

Stêeg ‘estaan Pressure had

Stêekzêewer substitute, joining the fishery as a substitute once; stowaway

Stêert. Ai ken gien dead ‘en de ~ oit’ale

Not feeling like anything anymore; being very tired (e.g., after an illness)

Stêert. me ~opstrengele Getting to work, getting on Stêerte Taking care of business

Stêertwirrem Small someone

Stiddere Studderen, being diligently busy

Stiek. Kaauwe~ Cold job, spot Stiene. The ~ oit de strêet klage very much complain.

Stik ete Eating bread

Stikkebakkie bread plate

Stitching plates Sandwich plates

Choking Broken

Stikketaid Dinnertime(bread)

Sticky bag of sandwiches

Stitte. D’r is gien ~ an Something cannot be stopped.

Chair. To fall from an empty ~ into ashes – To see someone with airs and graces go off; From a somewhat good, get into a bad position?

Sidewalk day Busy day.

Also: a hard day

Stoidie Study. Also: attention

Stoif. Mit a Very quick

Stoitje. You aige ~ klaâwe yourself up

Stoiver and fire hale Geglomde briquette with hot water; Preesie, under the lighthouse, sold this

Stick. The ~ is not ‘erig He is not very rich

Stick. I gave him ~ and ball Telling someone the truth Stokkebit Small money; on trawler: poontje, vleetje,? (ray = sharp fish)

Stollestere Apply.

Steam bike Light motor (2 stroke). Also steamlogger

Straik and put something anpakke immediately start something

Straik over it and comes iet an – A nice prospect of having something, which turns out to be nothing?

Strêek. on ~ on the way

Thong. Je aige ~ skôonhouwe Taking care of yourself.

Strêetslaiper one who often walks along the street

Stroffele Stumbling

Stroine Struinen; search

Stroke. Knowing well~ Being able to get along well with someone

Stroke. Te ~ êwwe To set have

Strongd. From ~ was kâawe Creating something good/beautiful with limited resources. (Derived: from straw spinning gold from Rumpelstiltskin

Sprinkle Straw

Strooie, losing something

Studdere Being industrious;

Study an calm down, calm down


Taarze. Ai walks to ~ He is dumbfounded.

Taat Father

Taidje ‘elêen A while ago

Tangd. You ken gien white ~ lete blinke

You can’t say too much because there is too much scrutiny

Tangde. The wind mot his ~ drôge expression: storm after rain Bag Bag of a coat

Têeltje. Op ‘t behoue ~ On the cheap. To be settled at the end of cultivation.

Têgebatting Setback

Temtasie Visiting; ‘n Plague, a lot to do with it. (Comes from French: tourmenter = tease, torment.)

Tittering Bullying, harassing

Tette Kuren; posturing

Tettelehoen Bemoeial

Thêemeessie Tea Sieve

Thêemissie Theemutsje

Tjaitere Singing, crooning; indulging oneself

Tjoema. For ~ For nothing. (Comes from Malay: percuma = for nothing, in vain)

Toet Pig

Toetaai Rompslomp

Toetemetaai Cumbersome hassle, cold rush

Tof Toffee;

Toge. Je aige ~ drijve Doing your own way?

Toig by Lában Uitschot. Biblical origins. Laban was father-in-law of Jacob and was an impostor

Tumbler Species of dolphin. Also: pointed roll

Tois’aalder Adopted child

Toisstomertje one last drink before leaving

Toiszâaldertje candy or cigarette for the road

Tok. Ai is of ~ The same nature as his family

Tokkere Beating an Ulcerated Wound

Tokkie Afternoon Nap

Tombêen. From ~ or ammeso From the same. (Used with a good wish).

Tone Toes

Tônewieder Pedicure

Tooting âauwe Keeping on the line; keeping talking

Tower keeper. Is your father ~? What is your father doing out of height Torretrappers Old, worn-out, shoes, which are still used because they are so comfortable.

Tottere Drinking a lot

Draw. In the ~ In the draft

Troet Flour with water and syrup; porridge of flour and whey (gorten porridge)

Troitje (frok) Truitje

Trolder Trawler

Tros Female genitalia

Twee’angder Very thin sandwich or cake


Vaifvoeter Starfish

Vaig. The ~ er an smêre the mockery

Vaigie. An allef ~ Half a rye bread Vangersgat. Ai sits for ‘t ~ Sitting waiting to poach a rabbit (for ‘t hole)

Catcher’s Hole. ‘t ~ hole where in poaching the rabbit came out

Vans gelaike Insgelijks

Vate bitters Bad margarine

Vêerst. At his ~ At ease.

Vêert. Same ~ Same corridor

Végekole. He walks on ~ he is being leered at

Field. to ~ get out there

Vennek. Go the ~ on Shave your way! Go play anyway!

Veraferentere Taking someone to task; Insulting someone. Comes from French: affronter = to defy, to face)

Ver’apstikke êwwe have to do, have to process

Verdâhstik vierduitstuk (old)

Differentiatingkie Something sweet with a cup of coffee

Verdistereweerd wêze Being dyed-in-the-wool; Being out of sorts

Ver-êezen Eating so much that it makes you sick

Vergriept. Ai is bai us ~ He is totally spoiled with us. Get well (illness)

Verlêge to wêze need something

Course of Thunderstorm

Process. Dry ~ Storm without rain

Vernote Paltry, shabby

Verrel. ¼ of 1 tbsp (= 68 cm )

Verrinewére Kaput. Distortion of ruin

Verrom komme, ~ gêve Coming back, giving back

Verskaaiene Several

Verskite Scare

Verslabakke neglect

Verstêert wêze Being disturbed, being out of sorts

Spoiled legge Unable to get up, lying in wrong position. Also used when a sheep lies on its back.

Spoiled Haunches

Verzâahn. Et is al ~ It is already promised

Vinkies Cracklings

Fish. that ~ is ‘evlekt that fish is filleted

Flat valle Admitting

Flame. Kaauwe Sea Vapor

Vlarebôom Vlierboom

Braid Enclosed area with chicken wire, also a hair braid

Vlêes. You ‘eb nag young ~ in the koip You have children of your own Vlekke filleting fish, cutting open Fly. There will gien ~ oit lave his nap. He has nothing to miss Vlonger Vooronder of a barge.

Vlôot milk skimmed milk

Volzee Highest tide level

Voor’ois front house (living room)

Vrai skalder. Ai ‘eb ~ He has a free hand. Vraiskalder. Den hewwe we ~ then we can have our way, have free play

Vrammes Struise woman.

Strange spois/sort/toig/full anything strange does not virtue Vroog. Et is nag ~ It is still early

Wife, me ~mot no Kattek my wife must give birth (lett. my

wife has to go to Katwijk)

Woman. my ~ lâat my wife has given birth


Wâaf. ‘n ~ gêve Slap, hit someone

Wâantje Thin, worn clothing, kept as a spare.

Wâardai Something to like

Wâarendig True

Waif. me ~ My wife (Explanation: in contrast to the Dutch, not used disparagingly but rather praisingly.

Wallet. On ‘t ~ Side of potato field

Walte Swinging a boat back and forth

Walte. Let them ~ Let them have their way

Wampeltiereg Balorig; fickle

Wangd. Am I throwing you off your ~? Do I pick you up from work? If someone comes in unexpectedly somewhere, mess up plans

Wangt, you mot well in your ~stand You must be healthy and strong Wangt. ‘t ~ bai de skoit ôuwe Don’t want too much at once; measure up!

True Waiting or watching over a sick person

Waterdot cauliflower

Wêeglois Weigh locks were common on old ships; wandbeer, (Scheveningen expression for weigh lock)

Wêerwerrekie Small occupation. Leisure interpretation

Wêerskoens. What ~ Well, what do I have of my life!

Wêeze. Getting your ~ benêeme On your duvel

Away and wêer vandâan from everywhere Away/roadverdâagd Get away, Got away. Wegers Side shelves in the bedstead Wegers. To the ~ douwe To one side push Well to riste. At his ~ gâan Going to sleep

Turn Shallow rabbit hole, where the young are located

Resilient True

Werreke. Bai de ~ By the hand

Wiek. Bai de ~ At the time

Wiek. Bai de ~ wêze Being at hand

Wild. ‘T ~ in his biene ewwe Not being able to sit still.

Wind. The ~ bait no you Lett: the wind bites at you = inclement wind Wind. The ~ dôod lope If you have nothing else to do, go outside, e.g. children who need to play outside. Going outside without a purpose

Wind. Et aaitje nee de ~ gooie Making someone comfortable.

Windrôog. Knock someone ~ Knock someone K.O.; Hurt someone

Winder. That’s your ~ That’s what you like to do

Windjewaai A braggart; someone you can’t depend on

Windklover braggart, show-off

Winne Shooting up, folding up

White. Et ~ for your ôge naipe Pinching someone very mean Wittele Witten

Worst. Wôorde as ~ but iet so fat – Grand Speech

Wrikbille dancing, not being able to sit still, Also on the bicycle: going back and forth on the saddle.


Zâal. mit standing ~ on high legs

Zâalneeld Whining person. Origin: Sail Needle

Zâalnêelderig Transverse, rigid

Zâan. ‘e~ Said

Zaft Soft

Zakkie. Fish oit ‘t black ~ Fish from the last haul

Zeekwaa Very annoying person

Zêenes Feeding trough, tap in the pub Zêetje hanging. Ai blaift at ‘t ~ Not advancing (of a sick) Zêetje. Battle of ‘t ~ Branding

Zêeziek ~ troublesome, annoying person

Zelling. deer de ~ ‘êen slepe Helping someone through work, getting out of trouble.

Zels zain need company

Zerrege. ‘ai eats zonger ~ ; ‘ai skait zonger ~

carefree person

Ziezówite. From ~ Something very big!

Zindâatje; zindescent Sunday cents, pocket money

Zindesse. my ~ jacket my neat jacket (was also used for dress)

Zink’aauwt; zink’ak Drenched wood

Finder Bucket to pick blackberries

Zoidôostenwint mit rêge, dêer benne de Tirreke bang of Fikse storm (Origin?)

Zoipe and swell celebration with lots of drinks and food

Zoivelcentje Money for bad times

Zoiver. Not ~ A little crazy person

Ear Rough (hands), skimpy

Swaim. In and oit de ~ kloppe Beating up a person Zwallekerd Stakker, deplorable figure Black zakkie or trolder bag Carrier bag in which trolder guests carried their clothes and fish

Zwiep. As rad as one ~ Very agile

Zwindeleg Turning. Dizzy

Crustless bread (with a few currants)