Are you taking your dog to the dune area? Here are the main points of interest. And always check the current conditions on the entrance signs and on-site signs.

Where are dogs allowed?

In the Noordhollands Duinreservaat, dogs are welcome on the hiking and biking trails provided they are (briefly) leashed. Sled dog racing is not allowed. You can use one of our off-leash areas:

  • Egmond aan Zee: Robbenzand, Kroonstad and Noordlob
  • Egmond Binnen: Overbos and the outlet field near parking lot Oude Schulpweg
  • Mountains: Bergerbos (Note: during the breeding season, from March 15 to June 15, dogs must be on a leash here!) and English Field

Why aren’t dogs allowed everywhere?

Dogs are often considered man’s best friends, but unfortunately they are not allowed everywhere. This is because natural areas, such as the dunes, are resting areas for birds and mammals. If a dog enters such an area, it can cause unrest. Dogs often smell game, which fuels their hunting instinct.

As a result, dogs often want to track and catch game, often just out of curiosity. This can cause stress to the animals living in the area.

Almost all animals are afraid of dogs and will run away from them. This applies, for example, to migratory birds in the North Holland Dune Reserve. These birds come from far away and use the dunes as a stopping place, for rest, food and to gain strength. If disturbed by this, they may become weakened with the risk of not surviving their journey.

In addition, nesting birds may fly up from their nests if disturbed, causing their eggs to become too hot or too cold. Rest is also important for other animals, such as rabbits. Dogs can also cause problems for visitors; some people are afraid of dogs.


Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Dog restrictions also apply on the beach. Where they are and are not welcome is usually indicated on signs at beach exits and in some cases also depends on the season. You can also find them in the municipal General Municipal Bye-Law (APV).

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