The bulb fields in Egmond

The bulb fields in Egmond are a well-known and popular attraction in the Netherlands. These fields are filled with different types of bulbs, such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, which bloom in spring. These bulb fields are an important source of income for local farmers and contribute to the region’s economy.


Tulip mania was a historical phenomenon that took place in the 17th century in the Netherlands. The tulip tree, which had just been imported from Turkey, suddenly became very popular among the well-to-do class. This led to a remarkable speculation in tulip bulbs, with prices for some varieties rising to unprecedented levels. The mania peaked in 1637, but ended abruptly when the market collapsed. It was one of the first major economic bubbles in history.

In spring, you can admire the beautiful colorful bulb fields around the Egmonden. The bulb fields can be found on the way to Egmond already from Egmond-binnen and between Egmond aan den Hoef and Egmond aan Zee it is a real photo opportunity, I am also sure that many a tourist has already done this in their photo report of their vacation. In Egmond, something actually blooms throughout the year. In spring it’s the daffodils, blue grapes, hyacinths and, of course, tulips. In summer, it is the lilies, orchids, gladioli and sunflowers.

Many varieties of tulips

Many different types of tulips are grown in the Netherlands, such as Paris tulips, Darwin tulips, and Triumph tulips. It is likely that the most commonly grown varieties in Egmond are those that thrive best in the climate and soil conditions of the region and have the greatest demand from customers.

The Bulb Route for walkers and cyclists

bulb route-egmond

If you follow these signs, you will bike or walk a nice loop along the bulb fields of Egmond. You can start at any point along the route. It is definitely worth doing this more often at intervals of several days. You will then see the fields color. If the route is known, you can make it the other way around. Everything then looks different again.

The attached route is great to do both walking and biking. Other walks with plenty of views of blooming bulb fields include the Monks Path and the Hoever Path. Both run through the edge forest of the Heilooër Zeeweg, where the soil is covered with various bulbous and tuberous plants, and over the dikes of the Hoevervaart and Egmond Binnenvaart.

Have fun watching!


bulb bike route-egmond

A kind request from all bulb growers!

A kind request from all bulb growers: enjoy the colorful spectacle to the fullest, take photos and films as much as you like, but do so from the sidelines. Do not walk in the field and certainly do not let children and dogs walk into the field.

Here and there signs have been erected and/or barbed wire stretched, not because we are afraid the bulbs will leave the field, but to stop the tourists/colorists.

All bulb fields are private property similar to your own garden. This is also where you don’t want to run into strangers. Furthermore, many birds nest among the bulbs and they want peace and quiet. Bird nesting area ! do not enter.