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Egmond aan den Hoef

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Approved equestrian center

Manege de Hoef is a recognized equestrian center with over fifty years of experience. The equestrian center owns 70 to 80 horses and ponies. The riding school is located on the Herenweg in Egmond aan den Hoef and offers various possibilities for riding the horses and ponies.

The horses are cared for at the equestrian center with the utmost care and the facilities are geared toward providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for both horses and riders.

All in all, the Manege de Hoef is a unique equestrian center, offering an excellent opportunity to enjoy equestrian sports and all that comes with it.

Riding lessons

You can start riding with us as young as 6 years old. There is no maximum age to start, after all, you are never too old to learn. But of course you need to be fit enough. Because we hold horse welfare in high regard, we maintain a maximum weight of 100 kg. with a normal stature. Please feel free to contact us for more information or make an appointment for trial lessons.

The equestrian center is equipped with two indoor riding arenas, one outdoor riding arena, three paddocks and each horse has its own stall. Manege de Hoef started in the 1960s with rounds on the beach for tourists, over the years the stables has grown into a full-fledged sports facility.

The equestrian center has many loyal customers, some even coming here for more than 40 years. As a result of great growth over the years, more riders have been trained as instructors at the KNHS. We are affiliated with KNHS, FNRS and Safe Riding Foundation.

Equestrian center horses

You can contact us for:

  • Riding lessons
  • Dune Drive
  • Beach rides
  • Pony Camp
  • Matches
  • Leasing
  • Children’s parties

Equestrian center horses

In the stables you will find various horses and ponies, many of them belonging to our leasing and boarding customers.

The horses are mixed together in the paddocks and stables, we look at the best living environment for the animal and do not differentiate between equestrian horse or boarding.

Horse welfare at the equestrian center

Every horse at the equestrian center has its own custom-made harness. This applies to both the bit and the saddle, which are checked at least once a year by a professional company. We feed unlimited hay daily and concentrate twice daily. Every horse has its own diet; after all, some need a little more than others. During the day, the equestrian center horses and ponies are outside in the paddocks,


The equestrian center has two indoor riding arenas, riding is allowed in both riding arenas provided there is no lesson or competition. We announce it on the whiteboards and on Facebook when both lanes are occupied. Riding in the outdoor riding arena is also allowed, of course; there is a light switch at the entrance.

The paddocks are free to use outside of set times. You can reserve them from the blackboard near the tack room. We also have a washing area, you can buy tokens for this in the cafeteria.


All instructors at the stables hold an instructor’s diploma obtained from the KNHS. During opening hours, someone with a FAFS certificate is always present. There is an AED in the cafeteria and several fire extinguishers on the grounds. Most canteen employees also hold a FAFS certificate. In addition, we keep an accident register at the equestrian center and these matters are regularly discussed with all employees so that we can act even more safely in the future.

Dune rides with your own horse, a leased horse or borrowed horse

There is nothing more fun than horseback riding through forests, dunes and along the beach. At Manege de Hoef you will experience this pleasure just steps away from the Kennemer Dunes. We offer wonderful outdoor rides through the woods and over plains, scheduled every weekend. Beach rides are only available off-season (starting in September).

During vacations and vacations, dune and beach rides are also available. Please call to avoid disappointment. Our experienced instructor guides the outdoor rides and knows the dune area well. We do not rent horses without an instructor and require sufficient riding experience, good seat and mastery of all gaits. A cap is mandatory and those under 14 must also wear a body protector during outdoor rides. In the fall we also run beach rides, which are for very advanced riders only.


Leasing a horse

Always wanted a horse of your own, but still in doubt? We offer our regular customers the opportunity to lease a horse. The horse then remains property of the equestrian center and we take care of the farrier, putting it outside during the week and a clean stable, among other things. With your lease horse, you may do almost anything you do with your own horse.

Dune rides with our horses and you as a rider

Pony Camp

Every summer vacation we organize pony camp. In the short vacations, we also organize pony camp days for our equestrian riders. For pony camp, you should already be able to ride reasonably well and saddle yourself.

During our summer vacation

During our summer vacation we go horseback riding in the dunes every day, but we also do fun activities at home. For example, games, dressage competition, jumping lessons and more! We adjust the program slightly according to weather conditions. On very hot days, we also go swimming and do water games.

Lunch and dinner* will be provided by the equestrian center. It is the ideal way to meet new friends with the same hobby as you at the equestrian center! We try to create a new varied program every year. Even in times of Corona, we know how to put together a fun program.

During pony camp, you get to ride the same pony all week as if it were your care pony. At the stables we have grooming equipment, but of course you may bring your own. What could be more fun than tinkering with your own pony? You will be brought to the equestrian center early in the morning by your parents, or you will come by bike yourself. On the first day you will get a brief explanation of the program, then quickly head to the stables and get ready for the first activity! You must be somewhat fit because we have a nice full schedule.


Experienced supervisors

Of course there are experienced supervisors walking around all day, you can always come to us for help or questions. We’re assuming a worry-free week, of course, but just to be safe, make sure the equestrian center has your parents’ correct phone number. There is no minimum or maximum age for pony camp, if you ride well enough and can saddle yourself you can participate.

Our pony camp weeks take place during the summer vacation of Region North. You may choose your own horse or pony, so make sure you get there in time so your darling is still free! A week of pony camp lasts from Monday through Friday and does not include sleeping.

*At pony camp week until 8 p.m.

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