The location of the monument is at the famous “grand staircase,” directly across from the popular Restaurant Bruut and above the beach entrance where Beach Pavilion the Seahorse sits in Summer.

The monument’s founders aimed to create a symbolic representation of the event and its history.

Joop Smit was the perfect example here, as he was not only a loyal participant in the Egmond Marathon, but was also known for his striking appearance, with his distinctive head and large beard.

Marathon runner Joop Smit wins the half marathon in Egmond (1973)
Egmond runner Joop Smit

The plaque on the pedestal reads:

Joop Smit

Winner of first Egmond Half Marathon 1973

This sculpture, created by Fabio Pravisani, was donated to the village of Egmond aan Zee on the occasion of 50 years of the Egmond Half Marathon (1973-2023) by organizer Le Champion, Village Interest Association Egmond Parel aan Zee, the Municipality of Bergen and Hotel Golfzang.

The Egmond Half Marathon traditionally takes place on the second Sunday in January.

The Pearl by the Sea

Initiator Gerjan Zwaan is a board member of association Dorpsbelangen Egmond ‘Pearl’ aan Zee and is proud of the statue, which has a prominent place on the promenade.


The unveiling of the statue

The unveiling of the statue was a special event attended by Martine Smit, widow of Joop Smit, along with Cees Lansbergen, founder of the Egmond Half Marathon.

Village Councilman Ernest Briët was also present at this festive act, along with some of Joop Smit’s old competitors from the time he competed in the race.

The statue of Joop Smit was unveiled on Friday, Jan. 6, 2023. Smit won the first Egmond Half Marathon in 1973, then exactly half a century ago.

Photo: The entire company that contributed to the creation of the sculpture.

The entire company that contributed to the creation of the sculpture.

Egmond has a new statue on the Boulevard, of Egmond runner Joop Smit. This happened at a well-chosen time, right after the press conference on the Egmond sports weekend and two days before the start of the running race.

Sculptor Fabio Pravisani

The Egmond Marathon statue, a tribute to legendary runner Joop Smit, was designed by Egmond sculptor Fabio Pravisani.

It was a new challenge for him, as he is used to sculpting only heads, whereas now he had to depict the whole body. However, the result turned out beautifully and marks Joop Smit’s contribution to the Marathon of Egmond.

Near this statue under the lighthouse on the beach side you will also find the statue of the Bronze statue “The derper swan” this beautiful sculpture also comes from the hands of Fabio Pravisani.

Egmond Marathon statue, a tribute to legendary runner Joop Smit

Photos taken during the unveiling of Joop Smit’s statue in Egmond aan Zee

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In brief, the story of the Egmond aan Zee Marathon

Over the past 50 years, the Egmond Half Marathon has become one of the most popular and heroic running events in the Netherlands. The first edition of the Le Champion Half Marathon was held on March 11, 1973 and was then one of the first events for groomers over a distance of 21 and 6 kilometers. The surprising number of participants, totaling 1,100, brought organizers many unexpected challenges.

Over the years, the event has grown into an international event, with the Le Champion organization’s focus on getting top foreign runners to the start line in addition to top Dutch athletes. However, in 2021 and 2022, the event had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic, as well as earlier due to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the 48th edition of the NN Egmond Half Marathon was scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 8, 2022.

About the Artist Fabio Pravisa

Fabio Pravisani is an artist and sculptor with Italian roots.

Fabio Pravisani is a sculptor and artist from Egmond aan Zee. He was born in Alkmaar’s Elizabeth Hospital on April 9, 1971. And has Italian roots and grew up in a family known for their artisanal ice cream parlor for generations. Fabio developed the craft of sculpting in addition to running the ice cream parlor with his family. Known for his unique style and technique, he is an important member of the Egmond aan Zee artist community.

His family runs the famous Italian ice cream parlor Pravisani in Egmond aan Zee, which has been known for generations for quality artisanal ice cream.

Fabio learned the craft of ice cream making from his father and took over the business after his father’s death, along with his mother and aunt. Fabio’s family moved to Egmond in the summer to run the ice cream parlor and returned to Italy in the winter. Grandfather Antonio Pravisani started the ice cream parlor back in 1947 and the family has been heavily involved in the production and sale of the quality ice cream ever since. Children in the area looked forward to visits to the ice cream parlor, jovially calling Marisa and Daniela “the little ladies,” as they knew which ice cream they liked with almost every customer.

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