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Yay, go Allegaar Aase along to the Strangt with your Ongt

Webcam Scheveningen

Wake up with the sea at your feet! The Boulevard Hotel, built on a dune top, is an attractive family hotel near the beach and the North Sea. Enjoy our magnificent view of Scheveningen's new boulevard and experience the beach feeling at its best.

Webcam Beach Exit the Wharf

style="display:block" data-ad-format="autorelaxed" data-ad-client="ca-pub-7620922414404467" data-ad-slot="4087597824" This is Egmond aan Zee’s main beach exit. If you get off the beach here you can walk right into the...

The lifeboat “Adriaan Hendrik”

"The boat is going out." This is a winged expression in the sea village. Whether it's real action (flare seen!) or practice: a lifeboat going out and sailing through the surf is an experience. From March through October, the crew practices every Monday evening at 7 p.m.

Seafarer Glijn de Jong

EGMOND AAN ZEE - Glijn's hobby is shipbuilding. He built 20 and donated them to 't Woud and his family. This time friends including Peter de Vries wanted to put him in the spotlight.

Live webcam Castricum

(Water) sports center Sports at Sea The water sports center is designed for all the beach sports...

Egmond aan Zee sand nourishment

Wind and sea cause the coast at Egmond aan Zee to lose sand. To ensure that Egmond aan Zee remains well protected, Rijks waterstaat is applying sand to the beach

Beach pavilions in Egmond

Beach pavilions have a unique ambiance and the very best views!

The beach pavilions along Egmond aan Zee's coastline, such as the Zeepaardje, are the perfect place for lovers of lobster and oysters. Bad Egmond offers delicious satay with French fries and is also a popular place to get married on the beach.

A number of Pavilions are open year-round and especially on weekends are pleasantly crowded and accessible. Consider the Green and built to the highest standard for Energy Conservation, Nautilus Beach Pavilion at the Bath South Entrance.


Beach pavilion the Uitkijk

Beach pavilion de Uitkijk is located in a unique location on the beach, this makes de Uitkijk also accessible for the disabled.

Pavilion de Zilvermeeuw Egmond *Webcam

Will you come and enjoy the tastiest, sustainable food right on the beach at Egmond aan zee? We don't let anyone go home on an empty stomach. Our changing menu consists mainly of fresh local produce.

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