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Shopping in the Voorstraat and Pompplein in Egmond aan Zee is fun,

It is a cozy and lively area, with many small stores and boutiques selling unique and original products.

Moreover, there is a wide variety of stores, from clothing stores to souvenir shops and gift stores to bric-a-brac stores. Be sure to stop by the 't Winckeltje or during the summer months for ice cream at Pravisani.


Surely this will make you happy Maileg Mice in Egmond aan Zee

Abdul Textile Atelier – Egmond

Textile workshop - Abdul, a craftsman from Afghanistan with over 12 years of experience in the textile trade and tailoring, also for dry cleaning and shoe repair.

SoulCake (H)honest cakes

(H)honest cakes for a real moment of indulgence! Made with a lot of Soul and passion. Soul delicious! and from Egmond aan den Hoed

Nice Shoe Boutique

At LEUK Shoes boutique by Linda you will find booties, sneakers, booties, sandals and slippers, as well as bags and belts.

Tattoo Spot

The Tattoo Spot in Egmond Tattoo * Piercing * PMU * Tattoo Course & Workshop

Laundry Service Egmond

Our mission is to save your time and free you from the endless laundry chore. Washing and unburdening, that is what Wasservice Egmond stands for

Car garage De Egmonden

Garage De Egmonden is a small, independent village garage. We repair all brands also damages,

Manege de Hoef

Manege de Hoef is an equestrian center with more than 50 years of experience. The equestrian center owns 70 to 80 horses and ponies.

Fashion store Floor Egmond

The nicest and coziest boutique in Egmond aan Zee! Hospitality and service are our top priorities. Come and enjoy shopping with us.

Beach Bastards Egmond

A laboratory for bicycle engineering. A place where your needs are listened to and function always takes precedence over appearance.

The sign factory

The website, has been in the business of manufacturing signs for many years. Signs are produced in steel.

Beauty salon Dessa

At Schoonheidssalon Dessa you can find everything in the field of skin, pedicure, nails and permanent makeup.

‘t sieraadje Egmond

‘In addition to selling various brands, we also design and make our own jewelry. Together...

Pronk Hairdressers

PRONK CAPERS Since 1968 our beautiful salon has been a household name in the Egmonden. Our team of...

Nour Ceramics Egmond

Poufs, oriental, Arabic, Moroccan or oriental home decoration ceramic tiles. Think 1001 night atmosphere.

Intercity Boutiques Egmond

Intercity Boutiques stands for feminine, warm and tough. She is there for the client to inspire her and make her feel positive.

Mels Schoenmode Egmond

What could be more fun than getting a breath of fresh air in Egmond and coming home with a pair of new shoes!

Raak Multi Store Egmond

In addition to our online store, we have three physical stores at Voorstraat 99, 135 and 144 in...


Vintage interior design store in Egmond aan Zee

Vintage4All is not only a fun vintage store, but it can also help you clear out all your excess household goods, such as decluttering.

Poor cell phone signal in your home or office building?

A Hiboost GSM Amplifier Enhances your incoming and outgoing signal. For more information visit the website


Store For Building Materials in Egmond aan den Hoef

Are you already prepared for winter weather? At construction market Egmond you can! See you soon in DIY Egmond!


Egmond bicycle rental

BikeMike is the ideal bike rental when you want to explore all the beauty that Egmond aan Zee has to offer by bike.

Visser Vissuper Egmond

The Vissuper in Egmond aanZee has been a household name on the Voorstraat since 1986. Willem and...

Backyard Surfshop!

Backyard Surfshop is a Rip Curl brand store and specializes in singlefin wave surfing. We have one of the largest collections of Rip Curl in the Netherlands.

Fish by the Sea | Egmond

A passion for fish for three generations Fish by the Sea is a true family business. Now the third...

Kringloop Tol Egmond aan den Hoef

Kringloopbedrijf tol sells all kinds of 2nd-hand items that deserve a 2nd chance, such as furniture, clothing, household goods, books, electronics, white and brown goods and toys.

Store Gejut, sea seeing sea making

In Egmond aan zee, by far the most beautiful coastal town in our country, they are, of course, also "Jugged. This storefront breathes sea; all jetted stuff. You can also come jetting in.

Baker removals and transportation

We are a transportation, moving and storage company. Our goal is to serve you in the most professional, yet above all personal way possible.


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WEEKMARKT | Burg. Eymaplein
1 Jun 23
Egmond aan Zee
VVV, BOEKENAANZEE | Maa t/m vrij
5 Jun 23
HUYS EGMOND | Media spreekuur
6 Jun 23
Egmond aan den Hoef
Demonstraties Egmondse visserijschool
7 Jun 23
Egmond aan Zee
WEEKMARKT | Burg. Eymaplein
8 Jun 23
Egmond aan Zee
10 Jun
10 Jun 23
Zondag | Eucharistieviering | St. Agnes
11 Jun 23
Egmond aan Zee

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