What great news! Weatherman Helga van Leur awarded the Blue Flag to the beautiful beaches of the municipality of Bergen, including Egmond aan Zee beach.

This is an international recognition for the sustainable and environmentally friendly way these beaches are managed. Egmond aan Zee is proud to call itself the cleanest beach in the Netherlands, with clear water, good facilities and high safety. This makes it the perfect destination for a wonderful vacation by the sea!

Egmond aan Zee is one of the three villages of Egmond, along with Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef

Egmond aan Zee is one of the three villages of Egmond, along with Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef. These villages each have their own charm and history, and offer many opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

You can enjoy nature, culture, gastronomy and conviviality. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, fishing or shopping, there is something for everyone in Egmond.

The international awarding of Blue Flags is done by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an independent international environmental organization.

Helga van leurs blue-flag 2023
Blue flag Egmond-binnen

Proud of the Blue Flags

The municipality of Bergen is therefore very proud of the Blue Flags it has received for its six beaches: Bergen aan Zee, Egmond-Binnen, Egmond aan Zee, Hargen aan Zee, Schoorl aan Zee and Camperduin.

These beaches are among the most beautiful and cleanest in the Netherlands, attracting many visitors from home and abroad every year. The Blue Flags are a reward for the efforts made by the municipality and business owners to make these beaches as attractive as possible.

Therefore, the municipality of Bergen cordially invites you to come and enjoy its beautiful beaches. You will have a great time there, respecting nature and the environment. The Blue Flags are flying for you!

The Blue Flag is an initiative of FEE

The Blue Flag is an initiative of FEE International, an independent organization dedicated to the environment and sustainability. The Blue Flag is awarded each year to beaches and marinas that meet strict criteria for water quality, safety, facilities and education. The Blue Flag is a sign of quality and confidence for visitors and managers.

Bergen County has been a forerunner in sustainable tourism and recreation for many years. The municipality cooperates with the Stichting Keurmerk Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit (KMVK), which coordinates the Blue Flag campaign in the Netherlands. The municipality ensures that beaches are clean and safe, that there are adequate facilities for recreationists, that attention is paid to nature and the environment, and that educational activities are organized to raise awareness. FEE website