Vanaf 27 augustus tot en met 25 september

Voor wie dacht dat het er misschien niet meer van zou komen, het reuzenrad van de familie Vallentgoed komt terug in Egmond aan Zee aan de Boulevard.

The municipality issued a permit to run the wheel again from Saturday, Aug. 27, through Sunday, Sept. 25. So for a month, not only the tourists, but also the Egmond people themselves can once again enjoy a spectacular view from the bins in the wheel.

During the corona pandemic, the Ferris wheel was about the only permitted entertainment on the boulevard. A special dispensation then allowed the wheel to be on the promenade all summer. Now everything is within normal regulations again. And so the wheel returns to its “normal” time.


From the end of August, the Vallentgoed family’s Ferris wheel will be running again in the Egmond aan Zee parking lot.