A made-up story about the Bunker Museum
Jansje Schong in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee

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The Forbidden Territory

The sun hung low on the horizon when Martijn, Marcel, Michiel, Judith and Mark gathered at the Bunker Museum Jansje Schong in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee. They were curious about the mysterious stories circulating about the old bunkers and decided to take a look. Erik, the guide, welcomed them with a broad smile and led them to the first bunker.

A Dark Past

The objects in the secret room were fascinating and intriguing. They told stories of power, destruction and the price of freedom. Mark carefully picked up the signed copy of Mein Kampf and felt the heaviness of history.

Judith studied the sign from Hitler’s Reichs Kanzlei and tried to imagine what events it had witnessed.

Martin took a seat on the mysterious chair and felt a strange vibration. Images flashed by, soldiers marching by in a distant past. Michiel was entranced by the parts of the Dam Busters A for Apple and wondered what brave pilots had flown in it.

The Call of the Spirit

As the children pondered deeply the meaning of the objects, they heard a soft voice urging them to search further for the truth. Confused and curious, they returned to the bunker where Erik was waiting for them. They told him about the mysterious spirit that had spoken to them and about the objects they had found.

Erik revealed that the spirit may have been connected to The Family of Jansje Schong, a local resident of Egmond aan Zee who had played an important role in sealing the bunkers after the war. He told them about Piet Zwart, who had put his signature in this bunker before he bricked it up for good.

The Heritage Revealed

Jansje Schong stood before the children, her eyes shining with a mix of joy and sadness. She took them on a journey through time, back to the days of war. She talked about her involvement in the closure of the bunkers and her desire to keep the memory of that dark period alive.

Jansje led the children to a corner of the secret room where she pulled a weathered photograph from her pocket. It was a photo of herself, young and determined, along with Piet Zwart and other villagers who worked to seal off the bunkers. She told of the challenges and fears they had overcome.

The Past Restored

The moment the last name was written, a warm light filled the room. The walls began to vibrate and shift, and the secret room opened up to a bright corridor. Jansje invited the children to follow her.

Together they walked down the hallway as images of the past flashed past them. They saw soldiers manning the bunkers, the frightened faces of villagers and the destruction the war brought. But they also saw courageous acts of resistance and the hope for a better future.

The Living Heritage

Back at the Jansje Schong Bunker Museum, the children felt a deep respect for the history and heritage they had experienced. They realized it was their responsibility to keep these stories alive.

Together with Erik and other museum volunteers, Martijn, Marcel, Michiel, Judith and Mark worked to expand the collection and organize educational events. They wanted to make sure the valuable artifacts and stories would not be forgotten.

An Unforgettable Legacy

Years passed, and the Jansje Schong Bunker Museum grew into a major attraction for locals and tourists alike. The children, now young adults, remained involved with the museum and were proud of the role they played in preserving its heritage.

The story of the children and Jansje Schong was passed on and inspired others to learn about the history of the Atlantic Wall and the war. The collection continued to expand, with new discoveries and donations from people who wanted to share their own stories.

An Ode to Memory

The Jansje Schong Bunker Museum became a living tribute to those who suffered during the war and those who fought for freedom. Generations came together, learned about history and reflected on the value of peace and tolerance.

Erik, Martijn, Marcel, Michiel, Judith and Mark realized that their adventure at the Jansje Schong Bunker Museum had changed them forever. They had learned that the past can inspire us, that it is important to cherish our history, and that we all play a role in passing on the valuable lessons to future generations.

And so the story of Jansje Schong and her bunker lives on, as a reminder of the power of hope, courage and the connecting power of the past.

Ominous atmosphere

The children stepped into the bunker and immediately felt an ominous atmosphere. The thick walls around them seemed to whisper, and a cold shiver slid down their spines. In the dim light, they discovered a secret room filled with special wartime artifacts.

children's story-bunker museum-jansje-schong-egmond

Jansje in 1940s clothingThe Story Unfolds

Determined to break the curse and discover the truth, the children made their way back to the secret room. They found Pete Black’s signature, along with the date and address.

Suddenly the room began to tremble and shake, and a bright light filled the room. There stood Jansje Schong, dressed in clothes from the 1940s.

The Unveiling of the Mystery

As Jansje spoke, the objects in the secret room began to glow. An invisible force surrounded them, and the children felt an intense energy. Jansje explained that the curse of the bunker arose from Piet Zwart’s unfinished work. His signature on the wall was a key to breaking the curse.

With trembling hands, Martijn took a crayon and wrote his own name next to Pete Black’s signature. Judith followed suit, followed by Mark and Marcel. It was as if history was repeating itself, but this time with the power of youth.

A New Beginning

Finally, they reached an exit at the end of the corridor. They stood on a dune, overlooking the beautiful coastline of Egmond aan Zee. The sunset colored the sky in warm hues, a symbol of hope and rebirth.

Jansje Schong looked at the children with gratitude in her eyes. She knew her mission was accomplished. The bunker’s curse had been broken, and now the stories of the past could be passed on to future generations.

With a final smile, Jansje disappeared into the light, while the children were left behind in awe. They knew they had experienced something special.


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Story is 100% fictional and written by Erik and an AI. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Bunker Museum Jansje Schong
Doctor Wiardi Beckman Avenue 78
1931 BW Egmond aan Zee

Names used in the story are those of the foundation of Egmond 40-45 (thought I was funny)

  • Martijn Visser, Chairman.
  • Mark de Vassij, Vice Chairman.
  • Michiel Kriele, Secretary.
  • Judith Weghorst, treasurer.
  • Erik Röpke, board member.
  • Marcel Wind, board member.