Today it was time again for the legendary NN Egmond Half Marathon in Egmond aan Zee. Despite the harsh weather conditions, both the women’s and men’s competitions were superb. Ethiopian Aminet Ahmed eventually managed to stay ahead of the men in 1:12.21 and take the overall win in her name. With this, the traditional man-woman contest was won by a woman once again since 2015.


Lucas Nieuweboer

But the greatest admiration went to Lucas Nieuweboer, who crossed the finish line (1:03.35) as the first man under loud cheers. He thus ensured a Dutch win at the NN Egmond Half Marathon after 18 years. Jill Holterman was the best Dutch lady, in fourth place in 1:12.38.

The course of the 49th edition of the NN Egmond Half Marathon was modified due to the recent heavy rainfall. The high groundwater made some unpaved paths in the dunes impassable. In addition, it was mainly the wind and rain that determined the course of the match this time. With a strong wind from the sea, but on a wide and hard beach, the race was led by a leading group of nine ladies. In addition to the three Ethiopian favorites Alamrew Alamtsehay, Ayantu Kumela and Aminet Ahmed, Jill Holterman, Anne Luijten and Jacelyn Gruppen were able to keep up well. Sweden’s Sarah Lathi and Switzerland’s Fabienne Schlumpf were also in this group. Whereas the African runners on the beach still opted for a position at the back of the group, they showed their faces after the turning point in Castricum aan Zee. The pace kept picking up and only Holterman was still competing.

What an achievement by Lucas Nieuweboer! He has upheld Dutch honor and brought our country back into the spotlight. Congratulations Lucas! 🎉🏆

Stormy edition
A total of 18,000 runners braved the elements today. The brisk wind and cold rain made it chilly for the participants, but this challenge is part of the NN Egmond Half Marathon. The performances delivered were great for the crowd that came to watch. Le Champion looks back on this 49th edition with a very good feeling. A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers, sponsors and agencies who helped in all weathers during the event. Next year, the NN Egmond Half Marathon will take place on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2025.

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