Charging poles in Egmond aan Zee

Of course, in a modern village like Egmond aan Zee, there are several locations where you can find charging stations.

The map shows where!

How does a charging station work?

Is your electric car’s battery (almost) dead? Then you can easily charge it at a charging station.

To charge at a charging station, you always need a charging subscription needed. Even when the charging station is your property. The recognition of the charging card in combination with the subscription ensures that it is always clear who is charging and for whose account the charging session is charged. This prevents someone else from charging at your charging station at your expense. At public charging stations, the charging card registers to whom charges should be charged.


Starting your charging session is very simple:

  1. Connect your charging cable to the charging station. A green light comes on. This means the charging station is up and running. Is the light red? Then there is a malfunction and you cannot use the charging station.
  2. Now connect the charging cable to your car and hold your charging card in front of the charging station. As soon as the light turns blue, your charging session starts. Your car is now being charged.
  3. Are you done charging? Holding your charging card in front of the charging station unlocks the charging cable. You can now disconnect it. Thus, it is not possible for someone else to disconnect your car from the charging station.

If you do not have a charging station on your own property, you will have to use one in the public space.

You’re probably not the only one who comes there to charge: get your electric car out when the battery is full again.

A subsequent user can poorly judge when that time comes: therefore, leave your business card so that you can at least be reached.

In this video, we show more suggestions, keeping it a great day for everyone.