Hammerfest in Egmond passed into new hands after 27 years

Hammerfest LivingThe beautiful home furnishing store Hammerfest on the Voorstraat in Egmond aan Zee has passed into new hands after nearly 28 years. Owners Rob and Wenche turned the store over to Driekus and Jacqueline. However, many things will remain unchanged and familiar to customers.

Rob and Wenche have enjoyed running Hammerfest for 28 years, but are pleased to have found replacements in Driekus and Jacqueline who want to continue the store with the same passion.

Rob and Wenche started Hammerfest in March 1995 as a specialty mirror store. In 2008, they moved to the premises on Voorstraat and began offering more products, leading to the transformation into a store for eye-catching home accessories, including mirrors. Meanwhile, there are fewer mirrors and other products, such as fine metal paintings, stand out all the more.

Driekus and Jacqueline are confident they can continue to serve customers in Egmond and further afield with special gifts, fine home accessories and other eye-catching items. There will be new brands, such as a new fragrance line, but much will remain the same to remain familiar to customers.


Rob and Wenche want to thank all the customers for the years of loyal patronage and believe Driekus and Jacqueline will have a great time at Hammerfest, a store that stands out on the streets of Voorstraat for its unique offerings.

Voorstraat 105 – Egmond aan Zee