Traffic bottlenecks Egmond aan den Hoef

In addition to this data, the municipality would like to know what problems residents and business owners experience in traffic in the village (Photo: Adobe Stock)


In Egmond aan den Hoef, traffic regularly causes problems. The intersection Egmonderstraatweg – Herenweg – Heilooer Zeeweg – Tijdverdrijflaan sometimes becomes jammed. The Herenweg is busy and the bicycle route from Alkmaar to Egmond aan Zee does not run smoothly. It also happens that on busy days the village is difficult to reach by car from the direction of Alkmaar.

Therefore, the municipality wants a plan to solve these bottlenecks.

To measure is to know

At 10 locations in the village, we counted traffic. Speeds were also measured. And through traffic has been mapped. This data is used for the traffic plan.

In addition, we asked residents and business owners about their experiences.

What will be in the plan?

The plan includes concrete proposals to improve traffic flow in Egmond aan den Hoef. And plans to improve road safety. Not only now but also in the future.

In the plan, the municipality is already taking into account developments that may affect traffic in the village. These include the Delversduin and Dorp en Duin housing plans, the proposed merger location of the soccer clubs and the development of Slotkwartier and a Tourist Transfer Point.

When will the congregation begin?

After the plan is adopted by the college and city council, it is used to develop improvements. Developing and implementing the measures takes time and money. Cooperation from local residents and other stakeholders is also sometimes required. That means no shovel goes in the ground right away. But it does mean that there will soon be a plan that will be used to increase traffic safety and accessibility.

Source: municipal website