Kringloopwinkel tol sells all kinds of 2nd-hand items that deserve a 2nd chance, including furniture, clothing, household goods, books, electronics, white and brown goods and toys. A recycling business limits the waste stream of often still good items and promotes reuse.

Kringloopwinkel Tol is stocked with goods discarded by people and made available for nothing. Then they are sorted, checked, repaired if necessary and cleaned. Then they are offered again in the thrift store.

Thrift store Tol Egmond aan den Hoef

Thrift store, house clearance and removals in Egmond aan den Hoef

Kringloopbedrijf Tol is an Egmond aan den Hoef-based thrift store that focuses on selling second-hand items. Recycling company Tol limits the waste stream of often still good items and promotes reuse.

Stock is filled by goods delivered by people themselves or picked up by one of our teams by appointment. Upon intake, they are sorted, checked and, if necessary, repaired and cleaned before being displayed in the store.

In addition to selling the items in the store, the organization focuses on house clearance, moving and transportation to and from the store, among other things.

An all-inclusive move

A hectic time dawns when you move. Whether you hire a moving company or move yourself, proper preparation is important. Kringloopbedrijf Tol provides safe packing, transportation and unpacking of your (valuable) belongings, including sensitive equipment and musical instruments. In addition to the move itself, Kringloopbedrijf Tol offers even more, such as cleaning your old house, performing small chores, extra hands to pack your prized possessions, hanging lamps, connecting your computer or putting together your cabinets. You can hire Kringloopbedrijf Tol for all kinds of hand and hand services in the Egmond aan den Hoef region. We also have the necessary experience in moving companies. You can trust our craftsmanship and be assured that all work will be done right.

Recycling company Tol

Lamoral Road 53b
Egmond aan den Hoef
Tel: 06 3633 4333

Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contributions are available all days!