Explore Egmond aan Zee and its surroundings on a BikeMike rental bike.

Egmond aan Zee bicycle rental

BikeMike is the ideal bike rental when you want to explore all the beauty that Egmond aan Zee has to offer by bike. We can be found next to the four-star hotel Zuiderduin. All this just a hundred meters from the beautiful beach.

Egmond bicycle rental

Egmond aan Zee and its surroundings are best explored by bicycle. The many bicycle routes offer an excellent opportunity to experience the surroundings of dunes, forests and bulb fields up close!

Bike rental dunes and forests

Of course, Egmond aan Zee is the perfect base for trips in the region. Alkmaar with its world-famous Cheese Market (every Friday from May to September) and its many stores is definitely recommended. Enjoy a beautiful bike ride to Heiloo, Castricum, Bergen aan Zee, through the dunes and forest. And while you’re in the neighborhood, bike right on to the artists’ village of Bergen, with its quaint stores, terraces, galleries and ruined church.


Bike rental prices

At BikeMike, you can rent a high-quality and optimally reliable bicycle. We have a suitable rental bike for everyone in our wide range, including electric bikes, 7-speed bikes and, of course, children’s bikes. You can also rent various accessories from our bike rentals, such as bike helmets, child seats, panniers and even wagon trailers. Among others, you can rent Batavus bikes of the highest quality from us, so you can always count on excellent reliability and fine comfort while cycling.

Type of bicycle Price per day Price per week
Luxury gear bike € 12,00 € 55,00
Electric bicycle € 27,50 €137.50 (deposit €50).
Electric wheelchair bike € 50,00 € 250.00 (deposit € 50.00)
Tandem € 24,00 € 112,50
Tandem (parent-child) € 24,00 € 112,50
Children’s bicycle 24 inch € 8,00 € 40,00
Children’s bike up to 22 inches € 8,00 € 40,00
Child seat € 4,00 € 20,00
Bicycle helmet € 2,00 € 10,00
Bicycle bag € 2,00 € 10,00
Trolley € 7,50 € 25,00
Children’s cart € 10,00 € 50,00
Dog cart € 10,00 € 50,00


Zeeweg 52 (Hotel zuiderduin)
1931 VL Egmond aan Zee
072 – 750 20 30

The bicycle rental entrance is at the main entrance of Hotel Zuiderduin, right next to the parking basement


Opening hours:
April through October
9 a.m.-6 p.m.
July & August:
9 a.m.-7 p.m.

Rental conditions

  • The rental period is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Legitimation required
  • For the electric bike, we require a deposit of €50.00. It must be paid in cash. (No PIN)
  • The renter is deemed to have received the rented bicycle in good condition. The lessor is deemed to have delivered the bicycle in good condition.
  • Therefore, the renter is liable for damages to the rented bicycle and will reimburse both the repair costs and the necessary replacement of the damaged parts.
  • The landlord is at all times entitled to confiscate the rented property for alleged abuse.
  • The renter must always lock the bicycle.
  • It is strictly forbidden for two people to sightsee on one bicycle.
  • It is strictly forbidden to sightsee with a bicycle on the beach.
  • In case of loss of the bike key, €5.00 will be charged to the renter.
  • At all times, the lessor shall be entitled to recover from any deposit deposited its claims against the lessee in respect of the rental and/or any compensation, without prejudice to its right to recover the entire amount due from the lessee.
  • In case of theft, the renter is liable for the daily value of the bicycle, rental price not included.
  • The renter will handle the rented bicycle with care.
  • The tenant bears full legal liability for damages caused to third parties.
  • Any premature return will still be subject to full rent.

BikeMike.nl – Zeeweg 52, 1931 VL Egmond aan zee
Bank account number ABN AMRO: NL 85 ABNA 0463 7094 70