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(H)honest cakes for a real moment of indulgence! Made with a lot of Soul and passion. Soul delicious!

About Ramona

Ramona worked in the travel industry and regularly surprised her colleagues with her own baked goods. Even as a child, she helped her mother make apple pie and always wanted to taste the batter. When she moved out on her own, she also started baking her own cakes, and her colleagues loved them. Because of corona, the travel business came to a halt and Ramona felt out of place at work. When the travel agency was taken over and everything suddenly became too commercial for her, she decided to quit and start thinking about her next move.

The Start of Soul Cake

I decided to do something with my passion for baking and so I started Soulcake, a sustainable baking company that uses organic and fair trade ingredients.

I get my flour from corn mill ‘t Roode Hert in Alkmaar and eggs from the care farm in Egmond aan den Hoef.

Soulcake Egmond aan de Hoef - Cakes made to order

In your own kitchen

Ramona bakes her cakes in her own kitchen, and although she does not earn a large salary from it, it does give her peace and freedom to also spend time with her two boys, ages five and eight.

Promotion of the bakery

To promote her bakery and be found, she is a member of thuisbakkerspunt.nl, a platform for home bakers. Through her membership, she also contributes to Bake for Life, a foundation that trains underprivileged people in Uganda to become bakers.

Happy with Soul Cake

A year later, Ramona is still happy with her decision to start Soulcake. She enjoys working for herself and always coming up with new creations, such as her latest Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake.

She does not use fondant or dyes, but decorates her cakes with fruit, flowers or by layering them.

Ramona always makes her cakes just a little different and with just a little more spice, surprising and inspiring people.


There’s music in that

Ramona also surprises her customers with music. She really loves soul music and conveys that love in her cakes by putting a lot of soul and love into them. Her little son often asks her what her soul is, and Ramona explains that it is your individuality, who you are yourself.

She finds it hard to explain it to a child, but when you get a cake from her, you also get a full serving of Ramona with it. A friend of hers even called it “soul delicious.” In addition, customers will also receive the Soulcake playlist on Spotify with their cake .


Cell phone

06 16505497

Email address

[email protected]

Service area

Bakkum – Alkmaar – Heiloo – Egmond aan Zee – Bergen aan Zee – Egmond-Binnen – Limmen – Castricum – Heerhugowaard – Egmond aan den Hoef

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