Backyard Surfshop

Backyard Surfshop is a Rip Curl brand store and specializes in singlefin wave surfing.

We have one of the largest collections of Rip Curl in the Netherlands.

In addition to casual clothing for women, men and kids, of course, there are also wetsuits and accessories.

We sell unique surfboard brands.

Custom orders of stock boards from California, France, Spain and Australia.
We also have a wide selection of hardware such as fins, leashes and boardbags.



Almost the whole year you can rent surfboards and wetsuits from us.
We have 8ft soft-top surfboards available.

Our Wetsuits are of the Rip Curl brand and
In different sizes for adults and kids.

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Backyard Surf Shop

Address: Front Street 102

1931 AN Egmond aan Zee

Tel. 072-8515913

[email protected]