Entrepreneurs in Egmond aan Zee municipality get to work on accessibility!

The MKB Accessible program of VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland encourages entrepreneurs to do accessible business. From the program, the “SME Accessible Route” project was launched. During this route, shopping areas (22) in different municipalities in the Netherlands are tested for accessibility. The public spaces of these shopping areas are also included. Participating retailers and hospitality operators receive personalized advice from an accessibility inspector on achieving a recognized baseline level of accessibility. Ultimately, the project is working toward a complete and nationwide survey of accessible businesses. This overview can be found at www.mkbtoegankelijkeroute.nl. Because everyone should be able to participate and have a day out unhindered!


Accessibility of businesses is becoming increasingly important

Having an accessible store or catering facility is important anno 2022 and is becoming increasingly important given the aging population in the Netherlands. More than 2.5 million people in the Netherlands have a disability. People who are partially sighted, deaf or wheelchair-bound want to be able to store or run their errands as independently as possible, just like everyone else. Entrepreneurs do not always consider this. Space in premises is often limited, at the same time business owners logically want to advertise all products. The result: a store becomes an obstacle course and, especially for people with disabilities, literally a barrier to entry. SME Accessible activates and encourages entrepreneurs to start working on the accessibility of their own businesses.

Quick fix!

With small modifications to a business building or its facilities, great strides can be made in making a business accessible. For example: a door threshold aid, window and door stickers or widening aisles.



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