Torrential downpour leaves streets flooded in Egmond aan Zee.

Restaurants in Pump Square and the Cafe de Werf on south street much flooding.


The sudden downpour that raged over our load that afternoon caused a lot of damage and flooding, the water basin which is located under the Pompplein in Egmond aan Zee did not suffice and the Zuiderstraat and Voorstraat of Egmond aan Zee near the Horecaplein flooded. The volunteer fire department was hastily called by Ab Venema of Pizzeria Angelo’s to pump out the water. Fortunately, with fire hoses up to the main beach entrance at Egmond, the water was quickly pumped away, but the damage is as yet incalculable.

Ab Venema who himself works in this fire department directed his colleagues to action with great speed and professionalism, hoping in the process to limit further damage to his own business and that of his fellow catering businesses. At the beach, you could see the stream of water running as much as 20 centimeters deep across the road. Cars drove into a river of water near the road along the beach exit.

Images are summarized by Erik Reemst with images from the Live webcams of , and