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Speelderij Batavierstraat Mountains

Speelpark Batavierstraat is an attractive park where children can play plenty, climb and romp. After playing, snacks and drinks, the whole family can have a round of mini-golf on our miniature golf course

Beautiful Drone images in 4K | June 2021

Egmond aan Zee is a seaside resort in the municipality of Bergen in the Dutch province of North Holland. Popularly, the place is also called Derp (or in capital letters DERP) called. The dialect spoken is also called Derperspers, which is considered to be the dialect of West Frisian, but belongs to the most divergent of the sub-dialects. In [...]

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BEACH, SUNSHINE, COLD WINES & GOOD FOOD More than 40 a household name on the Egmond beach for years. A little bit of southern France on the Egmond coast with, among other things,(h)honest dishes, cocktails and a beautiful collection of wines. A nice beach day at our rental, sunbeds on the terrace or in our restaurant, Seahorse Egmond offers you the total experience! Enjoy your stay! Opening hours Monday [...]

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Webcam Pompplein | Horecaplein Egmond

Pump square Egmond aan Zee The center You can see webcam images of this here, they are live and give a nice impression of the cozy Pompplein. During the summer or winter months when a sports event or performance takes place. this is a perfect get-together location. The surrounding catering establishments are all eager to accommodate you as a guest [...]

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Visserijdag in Egmond aan Zee

Annual Visserijdag shows you how it used to go. General program From an hour or 10 done around the town crier throughout the core of the village in the name of the fishing day. Everyone is called to celebrate this day with gongs.There are all kinds of activities at various locations in the village. On the [...]

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Beach rules Egmond

Beach rules on the beach of Egmond aan Zee The flags on the beach give you information about, for example, whether you are allowed to swim or whether this part of the beach is guarded. Here is the meaning of the flags. Green flag: safe > bathing allowed; lots of fun! Yellow flag: dangerous sea > pay attention! Applies to [...]

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Webcam Nautilus Beach pavilion

Live webcam with night view of Beach Pavilion Nautilus The webcam on the beach of Egmond aan Zeig gives you direct * Live insight on the terrace of this great business. Nautilus by the Sea Welcome to Nautilus by the Sea, the sustainable pavilion Netherlands. Nautilus is on the spot where once stood the beloved Strandpaviljoen De Schelp. The shell [...]

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Italian ice cream shop Pravisani

Artisanal ice cream shop in Pravisani since 1947 already known in Egmond aan Zee, they are only open a few months during the summer and fabricate yourself get the ice cream turned back the case to the traditional methods and flavored. The weather is nice in Egmond ? Over than once by the [...]

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Beach and dunes of Egmond

More than 1000 years, the 3 Egmonds known only to a few years ago as an independent municipality but after the merger called three villages now Mountains not only because the sea has an almost magical aura. Especially during summer months when the sea gives light by "Noctiluca" it is a good place [...]

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Powerkiting Egmond or Bergen

Anyone can power kiting, even if you are not blonde beefcake or tight beachbabe! The only thing you must have is a sense of the wind, wind direction, the strength and the response of the kite. Immerse yourself, literally and figuratively!

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Walk to the Pump Festival – Egmond

Sociability and music on the Pump Square In the summer there on Sunday the "Walk to pump festival". Different bands, singers make their appearance at the Pump Square and in the cafes of Egmond aan Zee where you as a spectator while enjoying a snack or drink to enjoy the surrounding bars and restaurants of. [...]

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Midgetgolfen – Egmond aan Zee

An old Dutch game and still popular. Minigolf course in at Egmond aan Zee; a sporting entertainment for young and old. In our beautiful natural dune garden are as many 18 miniature golf courses spread over 3700 m2. In between, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, drink or ice cream on our terrace. Through the clear grounds [...]

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Lucky Strike Bowling Egmond

Bowling alleys with spectacular light shows and dance floor lit Lucky Strike Bowling Egmond aan Zee The hotel features 8 modern bowlingbanen. In the Lucky Strike Bowling, you will find Europe's most sensational jobs, including spectacular light shows and a lighted dance floor. Ideal for an evening socializing and sportsmanship in swinging disco atmosphere of the 70s. Visiting hours (without prejudice) can book [...]

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Riding on the dunes and beach

Own horse Would you go with your own horse in and around Egmond? Nearby are several parking facilities. There are also several riding schools in the area that rent horses. In the riding schools horses are ready for you a couple of days to go in nature. You come through woods, dunes [...]

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Museum BroekerVeiling

The museum consists of two buildings: Building The Future and the Past building. There is also a lovely outdoor area. You recognize the building by the striking exterior façade, in which an impression of the original Empire of Thousand Islands is shown.

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Motorboat Marie Janne – In Memoriam

For fifty summers were long known this picture, white motorboat Marie Janne who, loaded with tourists and cheerfully decorated with flags, the coast and fro feed. Skipper Dieter Pants began at seventeen, first with his father and since nearly twenty years as a proud owner of Marie Janne. Countless times [...]

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The bulb of Egmond

The bulb developed by the end of the 16th century and into the 17th century. Especially the tulip mania played an important role in the development of what is now known as Tulip Bulb.

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