EGMOND AAN ZEE – Glijn’s hobby is shipbuilding. He built 20 and donated them to ‘t Woud and his family. This time friends including Peter de Vries wanted to put him in the spotlight. Why? For despite his past health problems and the loss of his dear wife, Glijn “just kept on” with his hobby. Of course shipbuilding and his country. Work on his ship in the morning and on his land in the afternoon. He has also been active with KNRM for four decades. After colon and skin cancer, Glijn still exists, how! Wear a pacemaker and be healthy. Yes, that’s also true… he’s sober enough to realize he’s not eighteen anymore, but he keeps going. That is his survival, that is his strength.

Glijn builds a frigate from around 1647 “The Hamburg.” He bought a basic material and drawing package worth about 1,000 euros. It began in November 2016 and will hopefully be finished by Christmas this year. He put three hundred hours into it. He assembled the frigate himself and then worked on the finer details; masts, wires and blocks. It takes about two hundred meters of rope. The four decks contain about thirty meters of iron thread. Accessories are included with the material. Furthermore, Glijn manufactures all the parts himself. He has been doing his hobby for 25 years. He has discipline. And help, like his eighteen-year-old grandson, he painted all the parts. The frigate will have a bronze nameplate: the coat of arms of Hamburg. He promised the ship to his daughter Miranda.

He also takes care of restoration of the ships in the Prince Henry Foundation. Glijn is a busy bee. On his land he can then recover nicely. Although, there he has a greenhouse with vegetables, endive, cauliflower, broccoli and he has potatoes. Very healthy and delicious. Plus the chickens that lay eggs. In short Glijn has a good life he thinks to himself and his sister helps him with the housework. In short, just a peek into the life of Glijn de Jong. A positive person, who does not sit idly by, but tackles all kinds of things to keep his loves occupied.