Parking in Egmond

When you come to Egmond aan Zee by car, we ask you car in Egmond-South on the large parking lots to leave or at the North and South Boulevard. Follow the signs that lead you to the parking.

In Egmond aan Zee is paid parking in the period 1 March / m 1 november, daily 10.00 to 19.00 hour and it costs (2014) € 1,90 per hour. In the other Egmonds parking is free. Look out: in the Front Street and a piece of the Julianastraat is a separate area for short-term parking at a special rate. During the winter months (December t/m februari) remains in the free parking 3 Egmonds.
Look out: in the Front Street and a piece of the Julianastraat is a separate area for short-term parking at a special rate.

Parking in Egmond aan Zee

As in all other resorts also applies Egmond that on hot days in July and August are peak periods (especially on weekends).

File and little spot.

By car, Egmond aan Zee has only one way: reach Egmondermeer Straatweg. In summer, this often means that you are stuck in traffic and it is difficult or even impossible to find a spot for the car. Sometimes there is still room on the private parking lot at the former playground the Egmonds . If you go off after the last traffic light for Egmond aan Zee right, you can see the ground in the first turn.

Better, you -especially on nice summer days- the car left on the large car park of the rink Think Alkmaar. Then continue by bus 165 or brought by bicycle.

Parking Zones

In all centers where paid parking is in force, the area is divided into zones. This applies to Egmond aan Zee, Bergen aan Zee, Bergen, Schoorl and Hargen aan Zee. The zones are indicated by a traffic sign as you enter the respective zone.

Zone A max. 1,5 hour
10.00-19.00 hour
€ 1,90 per hour, ceiling 12,00 for dag
Zone B Egmond aan Zee
10.00-19.00 hour
€ 1,90 per hour, maximum of € 12,00 for dag
Zone C Egmond aan Zee
10.00-19.00 hour
€ 1,90 per hour, maximum of € 12,00 for dag
Zone D Egmond aan Zee
10.00-19.00 hour
For permit holders only
Zone And max. 1 hour Mountains
10.00-19.00 hour
Free for one hour with parking
Zone F Hargen aan Zee
10.00-19.00 hour
€ 1,90 per hour,maximum of € 6– for dag


From 1 May 2013 you can also belparkeren in Egmond aan Zee. You can start your "parking action ', stop and pay with your mobile. After one-time registration with a belparkeerprovider (For example, ANWB Parking), you can use throughout the country of belparkeren. Besides convenience is a major advantage that afterwards and have to be paid only for the time parked.
et postpay mobile phone brings additional advantages with respect to the current method of payment.

Motorists do not have to decide in advance how long he stays away, he will only pay for the time that is parked and he risks no parking fine. For this service to use one must first become a client. This can be done the websites of the providers belparkeren.


Most hotels and guesthouses have their guests a parking waiver.
However, this exemption does not apply to areas with short paid parking (zone A).

handicapped-parking-egmondDisabled and handicapped

Disability may use the free parking spaces with their disabled parking. In Zone A may, however, 1 1/2 hour parking.

It is worth a parking compulsory. Both cards must be placed in a visible place behind the windscreen.

Note that in other municipalities, other rules may apply.

Conditions residents and businesses residence permit recreationists

Hotel- and landlords and private landlords can apply for permits for their guests. The rule applies that let in the paid parking area should be. Permits may be issued only as tourist or commuter tax is paid. When there is no permanent residence permit may. Maximum 1 license per rented room. For summer houses and apartments can only 1 permit be obtained regardless of the number of rooms. If you have bought a new car, you can swap the parking permit at the town hall for a new. The costs are € 28,- In case of loss of a license plate, you can fill out a statement of loss at the town hall, and you will receive a new license. In case of loss of a parking postcode / address, you need to make to make a loss statement by police. You can then submit a request to the Board to issue a new license. This permit is issued upon a positive opinion after payment of the fees verschuldige.

Where what is valid with regard to the zones?

The areas for paid parking are divided into different zones. Your license state where it is valid.
In short paid parking area (zone A) Different rules apply. Here, the maximum parking time is one and a half hours. No authorizations shall be provided to residents of Zone A. For companies that may in certain cases, this will depend upon where the work is.