August is known as the blackberry harvest month, also in the dune area. In the dune you will mainly find dewberry. Due to the enormous amount of sun in recent months, the dewberry is delicious and slightly sweet in taste. Come and taste them?

North Holland Dune Reserve

In the North Holland Dune Reserve (NHD) can you also pick blackberries outside the roads and paths in August. Please note, because dogs are not allowed outside the paths, not even if they (Map) be on a leash. And areas closed to the public, remain closed areas and are therefore not accessible.

Picking not allowed in the infiltration area near Castricum and National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

It is not allowed to pick blackberries in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park.​​ Picking is also not allowed in the infiltration area near Castricum. Here are canals with drinking water. This water sinks through the sand package in three weeks and is purified of bacteria and viruses in this way. With this open way of cleaning, contamination is possible, e.g. through human faeces, a danger.


To limit the risk of contamination as much as possible, pieces of reed are mowed in the infiltration area, so that there is an open, clear area is created. With that mowing, blackberry bushes can also be mowed away. That is unavoidable and necessary to provide North Holland with fresh and pure drinking water. However, there are plenty of blackberry bushes in the rest of the dune reserve, so that everyone can pick his or her meal together.

eating blackberries

Our foresters often get questions about eating blackberries and the risk of fox tapeworm. That is why they always advise to cut burrs that are picked below knee height, and what dogs or foxes could have peed on, wash and/or cook properly before consumption.