Beach & Dunes

Beach rules in Egmond aan Zee

Strandregels in Egmond aan Zee

In the municipality of Bergen, you can borrow a special beach wheelchair: of Jutter. The beachcomber is a great chair for the beach, for elderly or disabled. The special tires to propel the Jutter light on difficult terrain, such as sand, so you can easily make a beach walk.

The lifeboat “Adriaan Hendrik”

De reddingboot “Adriaan Hendrik”

"The boat goes out". This is a winged expression in the Zeedorp. Whether it is a real action (rocket seen!) or to an exercise: a lifeboat that goes out through the surf and sail, is an experience. From March / October, the crew practices every Monday night 19.00 hour.

Egmond Rescue (ERB)

Egmondse Reddingsbrigade (ERB)

Egmond Redding's brigade which in 1928 was founded to serve accidents at Egmond beach, and drowning…

Nudist Beaches in Egmond

Naaktstranden in Egmond

Exposed on the beach Everyone knows a nudist beach near. Of converts, whether or not by chance,…