By bike to the three Egmonds.

Of which side you 3 Egmonds also approaching, through the meadows, the dunes or along the bulb fields, it is always a splendid, varied tour on a good bike path.

From Alkmaar

From Alkmaar follow the bike path along the Hoeverweg, but if you do not hurry, then it is recommended to take once Meerweg by Egmondermeer. This winding road begins at the west end of the parking lot at the rink Think. Later you arrive at the Hoeverweg and that naturally leads along the foundations of the castle of Egmond and towards the beach of Egmond aan Zee.

From Heiloo

From Heiloo go over the Seaway to Heiloo. An alternative route is via the Maalwater through the meadows of the Egmondermeer, the Summer Dijkje and Moss Avenue. Egmond-Inside you is about the Vennewatersweg. You automatically passes the abbey and the road along the Adelbertus Akker through the dunes to the other Egmonds.
egmond-klein-2The cycle path from Bergen is also clean image. Egmond aan den Hoef, just beyond the former Carmelite convent, you can also right about the Delverspad to Egmond aan Zee. The Delverspad comes out on Egmondermeer Straatweg. After a few hundred meters you can turn left and take the Van Oldenborghweg that goes along the dunes at Egmond-Inside. After the first houses of Egmond-Inside, turn right onto Old Schulpweg and there you can find the gate of the Adelbertus Akker. The village and the abbey are a little further.

By Train

If you arrive by train in Castricum or Alkmaar, you can also rent a bike there. Very attractive is it for around ten Euros per year to subscribe to the OV-bicycle. You are logging on via Internet ( and can then now simple with a pass rent a public bike for € 2,85 for dag. Settlement runs through the bank. Please note that after registration takes a few weeks before everything is settled. We have Egmond very enthusiastic people identified with a great bike without gears.

Bicycle tour

A ride through Egmont floated. A bike ride around the Egmonds is brilliant and also recommended for groups. If you choose the route through the dunes, you make or for dune tickets. Day tickets are for sale at the dune inputs and the administrator of the dunes PWN can give you information such. The visitor center in Hoep at Bakkum in the dunes. A beautiful, educational place and free of charge. ( Who is more is better adapted for a jaarkaart.De cards. Sometimes it is advantageous to no family ticket, but to buy individual tickets year. On a longer trip, you will also have fun on a bike and hiking map of the North Holland dune reserve. The possibilities for a picnic or other interruptions are legion. and you can (also using this site) plan your trip so that you will pass several historic sites in the Egmonds. At the abbey shop is a free bike / walking track available, PWN also have a thing for sale as the beautiful 'Derpersroute'.

(access card for the dune is needed) and available at Bookstore decker Egmond aan Zee.

The film starts in the Kokkendal, the intersection of blue and orange. What would be nice if a paved bicycle path was recognized as Egmond aan Zee to Woudweg (the orange part) an extension of the Oldenborghweg.
It is then possible to cycle from Wijk aan Zee through the nature of the PWN and Forestry Commission to Camperduin. (The boundaries of the new Municipality “The Sea”