Signage could be better though

Transferium Egmond aan den Hoef with shuttle bus to Egmond

If the weather forecasts indicate that the sun will shine brightly and the temperature will rise above 25 degrees, the municipality of Bergen will provide an interchange in Egmond-Binnen in July and August. People who want to go to the beach in Egmond aan Zee, for example, can then park for free in the parking lot near soccer club Zeevogels and TC Hogedijk. From there, a bus will take them to Egmond aan Zee. According to the municipality, the interchange and shuttle bus are needed to stop traffic congestion during the summer months. “The parking pressure is caused by a shortage of available parking spaces, at so-called peak times,” said alderman for recreation, tourism and transportation Erik Bekkering.

The municipality opts for a transferium “on the doorstep of the sports clubs in Egmond aan den Hoef” in the months of July and August because the clubs use the parking lots less intensively then. The council adjusts the use of the transferium during tournaments.

What does need improvement, according to service employee Adil, is the signage. ‘Not only here and on the approach routes, but also in Egmond aan Zee on the Boulevard itself. We regularly hear about people driving around for a long time before they even notice that there is an alternative. It should preferably also be mentioned in German.’

What the “customers” do really like is that parking at the Hogedijk is free and there is basically just surveillance all day. Adil: ‘We are here from the time the transfer station is open until the last shuttle bus is back here. That’s appreciated.’

The presence of the Mobihup is still somewhat unclear, says Adil. ‘There are bikes and they can be rented, but apparently that works with an app or something, because here at the transferium there is nothing where you can figure out how to do it from. That’s kind of a shame. Maybe they can do something about that.

It is a trial and there is undoubtedly much to improve, but at least there is starting to be some movement. You don’t change people from Friday to Monday either, shall we think.