The village of Petten

Much has changed recently in Petten aan Zee. For example, Petten received a beautiful new beach and new dunes were constructed. But things have also changed in the center, and Petten is still evolving. It only gets more beautiful.

Parking your car?

Are you coming by car? Then park your car for free in Petten! E.g. on the Strandweg or on the Korfwaterweg. Petten aan Zee is not yet well known to the general public. Therefore, parking your car is often not a problem. In high season, you can also take the Kustbus (line 851) that departs from the station in Den Helder and stops in Petten, Julianadorp aan Zee and Callantsoog, among other places.


Square 1945

The village square (Plein 1945) in Petten has changed completely since 2016. It has become much more beautiful and functional! You really get a nice vacation feeling there now. The designers of the new square were inspired by the tulip.

Of course, they chose the tulip for a reason. Come to Petten by the Sea sometime in the spring. You will see many colorful flowers and, of course, tulips can be admired in the endless bulb fields. You really must have seen this once.

The 1945 Square features beautiful wooden benches, a fine stage and children have hours of fun at the water fountains. The whole thing makes a cozy and fun impression! In the center of Petten you will find a supermarket and a few small stores. Of course, you can also find something to eat or drink in the center of Petten.

The history of Petten

The village of Petten has existed since 1300. The village did have another name at that time namely Petten bi der Sipe. The village disappeared completely into the sea in 1792. During a storm in 1625, as many as one hundred houses went down.

From the 18th century, the village was gradually relocated. A monument (Palendorp) now stands on Petten’s current beach, symbolizing the old village.