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How did Rasa Lombok come about

Our family on Lombok consisted of father, mother and 5 children.
Of course, all of us in the family had been given tasks so that the family kept running smoothly.

As a young girl, I could always be found in my mother Mimih’s kitchen as a helper. Scents tingling in your nose, the soft but also powerful spices, freshly bought ingredients from the market, it was a heavenly place in the house for me.

There was always a party in the kitchen with Grandma Rai, too. She always called for her little helper when she was cooking. For example, she kept an eye when my mother was off to her stall in the market and my father worked as a civil servant in the village. Grandma then cooked the most delicious dishes for us and I was allowed to help her.

So from a young age, I grew up in the kitchen and learned to cook traditional dishes playfully. Made, of course, according to the authentic recipes of my mother and grandmother. Thus, at an early age, I developed a passion for making scrumptious dishes, sweet and spicy snacks and mouth-watering cookies as they were made in our home on the island of Lombok.

You understand that it would be a shame to dilute those (delicious secret) recipes and dishes from Lombok. After much planning and thinking, the idea of starting a business, Rasa Lombok, was born. That way, the dishes and recipes stay “alive” for all of us.

Rasa Lombok means “the real taste of Lombok. Traditional dishes with super fresh ingredients, fragrant spices and (secret) recipes from Lombok. This creates the tastiest, high-quality dishes with the true original flavors of my native island of Lombok.

We would like you to join us in enjoying this exceptional taste experience from Lombok.

Please call or email us for:

  • your questions
  • your orders
  • we help with menu or buffet selection
  • compose your buffet or menu according to your wishes
  • consultations regarding customization
  • also dishes for diet or allergies

I would love to make your culinary dreams come true.

Tasty greetings from:
Dede Hendriati
Rasa Lombok Event Catering

Dede Hendriati

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