Explore the cozy narrow streets, pretty courtyards and beautiful canals of Alkmaar and learn all about what sets the city apart: cheese. This historic center has 700 municipal and 339 national monuments. Visit the cheese market and cheese museum or explore the nature outside the city. In Bergen, for example, there is a beautiful old park forest. In 1662 the forest was part of a country estate of a wealthy family, and hidden among the trees are many small pools and romantic lakes.

Here, tranquility attracts birds, which drench and wash in the shallow pools. They can also enjoy a feast here, as the water attracts larvae and insects. Park your car at Profile Der Kinderen in Bergen before starting the bike tour.

The first landmark on the bike ride is the Varnebroeker mill, a teeter-totter mill of great scenic value.

The mill was restored in 2013 and has rejoined the Baafjes Polder’s water management system.

The next attraction on the route is Piet’s Mill, also called mill De Groot.It is an octagonal scaffold mill that grinds corn and was once built as a wall mill. In 1884, the mill was purchased by Cornelis Piet, who had a dwelling built at the bottom of the mill, popularly renaming it “Piet’s Mill.”

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