Do you live in the Egmonden and is cycling or walking not so easy for you anymore? Starting March 7, you can use transportation resources again through the Social Team. To ride by yourself, to ride together or to let you have a nice ride.


  • The duo bike is a tandem on which you sit next to your partner, an acquaintance or volunteer. One of them is driving the bicycle. It sits comfortably and is electrically supported. You can pick up the pillion bike at Post by the Sea. You can borrow it for €5 per half day.


  • The MAXMobile is the solution if you can no longer walk short distances. A common comment heard at the Egmond Social Team is, “You do at home the things you can still do yourself, but beyond that it stops.” A volunteer will happily drive you in the MAXMobile to the supermarket, to your favorite ice cream parlor or to your card club. The driver has patience and time and has a listening ear for you. For €1 you can request a ride.


  • You can reserve the mobility scooter after consulting your doctor or physical therapist. You can pick it up and get an explanation at Post by the Sea. You can borrow the mobility scooter for a voluntary fee.

Book 1 day in advance

On weekdays between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., call 06 833 296 32 or email [email protected].
The Social Team will schedule your ride or your daypart.

Volunteers wanted

The enthusiastic team of volunteers is looking for planners and drivers to continue driving together, for and with the people of Egmond. Are you interested? Then call Jacqueline Visser, ambassador Social Team Egmond: 06 469 543 52.