Volunteers and friends of the Kapberg in Egmond aan Den Hoef in the limelight

In 2022, Gallery The Kapberg celebrated 50 years of existence, but corona prevented the planned exhibition of the Volunteers and Friends from taking place at the time. Now you do! The gallery has existed all this time solely thanks to volunteers. Selling artwork is important, but without the support of the Friends, the gallery could not survive.

Many Volunteers and Friends are themselves active artists, both professional and amateur.

As a tribute to all the supporters, the Gallery is displaying their work. There are more than 40 participants with a wide variety of works, from paintings, watercolors, prints, sculptures, ceramics, collages, jewelry, and more. There is so much to see, so definitely worth a visit. The gallery continues to show seven exhibitions in the new year.

This exhibition will be on display from Friday, Jan. 20 through Sunday, Feb. 19 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The address is: Slotweg 17 in Egmond aan den Hoef.

Those wishing to see more of the gallery: www. gallerydekapberg.com