Fun seaside destinations near Egmond

Do you have a trip to Egmond planned? Then don’t forget to come check out one or more of these 5 fun destinations and sights. Egmond, in fact, is a wonderful place for a weekend break or as a day out by the sea because there is a lot to see and do.

1. JCJ van Speijk lighthouse

The JCJ van Speijk Lighthouse is one of our country’s oldest lighthouses, still active today, helping ships navigate during the dark night. You can climb this recently renovated monumental lighthouse to enjoy stunning views of the sea and land. The vantage point is located under the skylight and offers a beautiful view of the landscape. You can buy tickets at the base of the tower. Groups can also take an educational tour. But please note that opening hours are only from 7 to 9 p.m.

2. The beautiful Egmond dunes

The many dunes you find along the Dutch coast sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. The Dutch dunes are simply a unique landscape and taking a relaxing walk through them is actually a must during a weekend getaway by the sea. Around Egmond you will find numerous signposted walks through the dunes. Many animals live in the area, such as rabbits and birds. If you go hiking at the right times (such as early morning or early evening) you may even be lucky enough to spot a deer or fox. You will also find a large herd of Scottish Highlanders in the area.

3. Bunker Museum Jansje Schong

Just north of Egmond you will find Bunkermuseum Jansje Schong, which is housed in a World War II bunker. This bunker built by the German occupation forces was bricked up and covered with sand shortly after the war. It wasn’t until 2014 that it resurfaced, and the bunker can now be visited. This can be done only on the first and third Sundays of the month and also only from April through October. In addition to the buildings themselves, there is an ever-growing collection of interesting objects to view.

4. Egmond Castle

If you go a little inland from Egmond aan Zee you will automatically end up in Egmond aan den Hoef. There are some nice sights there, including Egmond Castle (also called Slot op de Hoef). This is a castle ruin of which really only the foundation remains. All that remains of the building itself is a piece of the so-called Rentmaster’s Tower. Opposite the ruins is Huys Egmont where you can learn a lot about Egmond’s rich history. Indeed, during the Middle Ages, Egmond was a political stronghold of note.

5. Prince Henry the Navigator Museum

The small-scale but completely free to visit Prince Hendrik the Navigator Museum showcases the history of Dutch sheep navigation, especially, of course, that of the Egmond aan Zee area. You will find beautiful scale models of classic ships created by retired sailors. There are also a number of interesting objects from the to be admired that all have to do with shipping from days gone by