In good weather, the Dutch flock to the beaches. Spend a day relaxing by the sea. But what is meant to relax, can still be quite stressful, if something goes wrong. Especially in busy places such as the parking lots on the beach, there is a greater chance that you will sustain damage to your car. It is often cramped, the people who drive there are usually not well known and often among the beachgoers there are above average many people who do not drive a car every day. So every reason to be extra alert.
Small pity, great inconvenience

Damage that occurs in parking lots is often not that big. A scratch on your bumper or a dent in your door, for example. But such parking spaces – especially if they are unguarded – are often the domain of burglars looking for valuables.. A car window is typed in no time and you are then left with the damage. You will have to report the damage to your insurer in order to be able to claim compensation. This usually also has consequences for your no-claim discount. Even if you cheapest car insurance have chosen, of course everything will be arranged for you. But the frustration is usually no less.
Stay alert yourself

It's not just minor collisions or car break-ins that cause damage. You can also cause damage to your own vehicle in a moment of thoughtlessness. For example, don't put the air conditioning on full power at the end of a sweltering day. Due to the rapid temperature change, a small star in the glass can easily grow into a large crack. Tip: when you go through compare car insurance premiums, check immediately whether such glass damage is also insured as standard! And with a view to possible burglaries, the advice remains of course to never leave anything of value in your car.

Taking good care of your car is also important. In the first place, it is smart to wash the windows regularly, so that you always have a good view. This reduces the risk of accidents. But the paint also deserves the necessary attention. If there is bird droppings, remains of dead insects or pieces of flowers or plants are left on the paint, are they burned into the paint by the hot sun, which can cause rust spots.