From October to March you can put on your skates again and enjoy a great day out at IJsbaan de Meent, the recipe for a sporty day out in Alkmaar!

The semi-covered 400-meter rink and separate ice hall guarantee plenty of skating fun. Rent skates, skate lessons? Everything has been thought of at IJsbaan de Meent.

The jobs

  • A 400-meter track: this track is half covered. The inner part of the track is colored blue, this is the part where the fast skaters make their laps. On the rest of the rink, everyone can skate at their own pace.
  • An Ice Hall of 30 by 60 meters: this rink is completely covered, there are some disco lights, on the wall beautiful paintings on the subject of all kinds of things related to Alkmaar.


Children’s parties

multi-childrenThe Meent are provided by skating and inline skating school In Balance. If you want to hear enthusiastic stories from the children afterwards, choose a complete party with skating lessons. You can choose from:

– Ice skating party (from 6 persons, € 12,- p.p.)

– Ice hockey party (from 8 pers. > 8 yr; € 11,- to € 13,50 depending on group size)

– Curling party (from 8 pers. > 8 yr; € 11,- to € 13,50 depending on group size)

Everything will then be provided by the skating school. Success assured.

information about children’s parties

Are the children beginning or advanced skaters, skaters or inline skaters, young or old (from 6 years old); the children’s parties can be adapted by us to any level and can be arranged on any day and at any time that the skating rink or inline skating rink is open.

In the summer months, you can also organize a skate/skeel party or skate hockey/street field hockey party

The care of the job

The 400-meter track is mopped two to six times a day, depending on opening hours. The ice hall once or twice a day. You can find the exact times on the website. During the mopping, no one is allowed to enter the track; it takes about twenty minutes. If the rink is mopped then you can go to the ice hall and vice versa.

Ice hall the Meent Alkmaar


In (part of) the ice hall of the Meent (30×60 mt) can be played -under supervision- by elementary school youth. You can also play a corporate curling event or a children’s ice hockey party. 1/3 of the ice hall will then be cordoned off for this event.

The ice hall has a unique lighting and sound system, and so it hosts a skate disco every Friday! Young and old can visit the ice hall from 4:45 to 10 p.m. and be treated to a light show with disco, LED and laser lights projected onto the ice. The beautiful ice floor in the disco/ice hall has an area of 30×60 meters so there is plenty of room for everyone.

This makes Friday afternoons perfect for hosting a children’s party at the rink.


Useful to know

  • There is a large changing room at the 400-meter track, there is material everywhere on the floor that you can basically walk on with your skates, this material is also on the route to the indoor hall.
  • You can borrow racks from the ice rink, they are near the locker room, just like a shopping cart you put a 1 euro coin in it.
  • In the locker room you can use a locker for valuables, it costs 50 cents.
  • At the locker room you will find a counter, here you can rent skates, this costs 5 euros, an identification as a deposit is required!
  • In the sports shop (Slikker), at the entrance to the complex you can have skates sharpened from 10 euros and also rent skates (identification as a deposit required).
  • At the 400-meter track you will find an eating place, here you can have a drink, or a fries.
  • No smoking is allowed throughout the sports complex.
  • On the 30×60 rink, skating on Noren is allowed when space permits.
  • Use of pucks and sticks is allowed only during ice hockey lessons.
  • Teaching is not allowed without the permission of the management.
  • Skating lessons are offered, including for youth between the ages of 6 and 12; for information, check the website.
  • Sometimes there are major events at De Meent, then the ice rink may be closed, so always check the website so there are no surprises.

Ice rink De Meent Alkmaar

Opening hours

From October to March is the skating season check their website click here for current opening hours.

Parking, bicycle, public transportation

You can park for free at the sports complex, further nearby (within walking distance) also free parking.

Plenty of space to put your bike down, the racks are under a canopy. It is not a guarded bike park.

From Alkmaar station you can easily get to the sports complex by bus, choose the bus to Egmond, it passes by De Meent.