EGMOND AAN DEN HOEF – The new season in the Hoever village hall De Hanswijk, Hanswijk 1 begins with an exhibition in words and pictures. This under the rubric: “Poet in Picture.

Poet Arij van der Vliet and illustrator Chris Duinmeijer began their special collaboration at the beginning of Corona period. They decided since artistic life was also in lockdown, to bring some light into the world themselves. This by providing Arij’s poems with an illustration. These airy sheets of paper or cardboard were displayed in the window of the Bergen fruit and vegetable store Wokke to the passerby, and the customer waiting outside for his turn. An anthology of this work, supplemented by new work, is now brought together in Hanswijk.

About the Duo

Bergen village poet Arij van der Vliet mirrors life in short and powerful words. Sometimes wide horizons emerge and then again his words speak a language that applies to a square meter or even smaller: “Carry and be carried until it becomes wing. ‘Peanut bars: you can’t lose weight from those’. Thanks to the lighthearted and cheerful drawings by Egmond aan den Hoef-born Chris Duinmeijer, the poems get inhabitants, a face, a summer house or even a landscape with a ditch that makes the words speak even differently. It is a special exhibition in paper and cardboard, which as a visitor you should take your time to let Arij’s poems sink in and then look at the picture Chris has drawn of them. The exhibition at Hanswijk Village Hall will be on display until early January 2023. Due to opening hours and use of the halls, the entire exhibition cannot be viewed at any time. It is therefore advisable to contact the administrator of the village hall in advance on 072 5061492.ardt you the disclaimer.