EGMOND AAN ZEE/BERGEN AAN ZEE – Artist Moritz Ebinger creates an endless winding drawing, starting on the beach at Egmond aan Zee, with a stick directly into the sand. The theme: pure improvisation. The goal: the world’s largest live beach drawing. Commissioned by the Municipality of Bergen, artist Moritz Ebinger is drawing the largest live beach drawing on the beaches of the municipality of Bergen this summer. On-site viewing from the beach mobile, a unique, wheeled sculpture that one can move independently across the beach. Also to be followed via the livestream on Ebinger’s Facebook page.

To beautifully engage the spectators in the drawing, Moritz built a wheeled sculpture in the shape of a beach truck. Moritz explains; ”The cart serves as a vantage point because the drawing is only clearly visible from above. Every person, including you, can move the beach mobile across the beach. In this way, spectators can decide for themselves from which perspective they view the drawing.”

The beach drawing is ultimate impermanent

The beach drawing is ultimately ephemeral. One moment you see it, the next it is swallowed up by water, wind or children playing. ”People can watch me work live, but the drawing I leave behind is not permanent, it is swallowed up in no time. The project exists only in the presence of the public.”

To be there, you have to be lucky enough to find Ebinger by chance, or you can keep an eye on his Facebook page. Via social media, he let people know before the start when he will be on the beach with his cane and beach mobile.