I walked past Japie Japie and shook his head and asked,: Yoy what is going on here?

Where are all those lively tourists on the beach?

What is this quiet, it's really still April already!

And where are those sweet Derpers always on "leugenbankie" all those stories and gossip, Come who do not in the street?

And almost no boat, which are also so missed, it is only now but for flounder fishing?

And where are all these young people with beer and laughter at the beach, you know it, what is going on?

But occasional jogger, or cyclists and people with their honkie a street to, but not for long, they are so again voorom!

KNRM No more and no open day, like fishing, and music festival that just can not! Jiminy Jiminy is struggling and feeling alone and smoking a heavy pipe, it's still all a bit of hospitality and middle class, the time is not ripe!

But Japie Japie state or some lonely beach, He would also like to say, Please keep these folks 1.5 meters! And not all together but 1 of 2, and over each other, but stop by the sea!

Then we can get this virus all together boss, Jiminy Jiminy is a wise man, He wishes you all a Blessed Easter!